"So, what’s your interest in Smart Massage Therapy?"

Are you looking to find a great massage therapy technique or a therapist?  Maybe you are a massage therapist, a student of massage therapy, thinking about a career as a massage therapist, or just want to learn more before you receive a massage.  In that case you have come to the right place, "Get Massage Smart" is on a mission to spread the benefits of Touch Therapy and Smart Massage Education. As passionate as we are about massage, a Massage Career is not for everyone.

More about Smart Massage Therapy

Touch is the oldest health practice on the planet.  Yes, that's right "HEALTH PRACTICE". To touch, someone is our greatest gift that we have to share with each other. It lets us know that we are here and very much alive! From the very first moment of our conception, the nervous system begins to develop and connect us to the world. Our senses connect us to each other and our environment. Bodywork is a therapeutic tool that helps us connect with ourselves and the world around us.

As our technology evolves, we have created mechanical devices that can mimic human touch, but that's just it, it's a distant echo of the real thing. To feel human we must actually feel human touch.  Now, you may want to know more about touch, health & relaxation.

The articles and educational elements of this website are designed to introduce you to Smart Massage Therapy, while helping you become body wise, increase your self-awareness and understanding of touch related therapies. Our emphasis is on research and critical thinking.  Science based discussions, along with general information on the foundation of massage techniques and related modalities.  As important as "science" is we also acknowledge that there is more to the impact of human touch in our lives.

"How do I know what therapy is right for me?"  "I just, want to be healthy and relaxed!"  "Any bodywork is therapeutic, right?"

We suggest that you start with the basics and move on from there.  Swedish or full body relaxation technique should be a welcome 1st step on your journey to discover what type of massage is best for you. There are many bodywork modalities to choose from originating from all over the globe. To take a closer look at the many bodywork modalities available, please click on Massage Techniques.

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To listen to the above introduction to Get Massage Smart, follow the Link to Our Video Article Micro-Blog.  You Can Follow Get Massage Smart on Vimeo we upload educationally based articles several times a week.  Our goal is to post a new article that supports our mission to challenge others to empower themselves through body wise education a minimum of 3 times a week. 

How do I find an educated and skilled practitioner?  I have so many questions on what to expect?

The most important piece of information about a particular practitioner is their credentials.  Are they certified, registered or licensed by the local municipality or state? After you have answered these questions, you will want to know how long they have practiced and ask them for a list of professional references. Make sure that you confirm with the therapist, that it is acceptable to call people on their list and then call at least two.  Or get a massage and decide for yourself.  For information on professional directories click on Find a Massage Therapist

I Have so Many Questions? Click Here

What do I do during a therapy session?

Where will my therapy session take place?

Will the use of oil make me break out?

What are the Benefits?
Imagine More is definitely Better!

Kristy Weaver Tells Us What the Current Massage Research Indicates.

Thank you Chad Ever of Ever Studios for this enlightening Treatment Tip.  And thanks to Irene's for Extending an invitation to the world to discover the positive benefits and effects of touch!

"Where are the best Destination Spa's? For great de-stressing locations and the best destination Spa's to be found!" click Here Destination Relaxation

What is a Day Spa anyway?

Now that's a great question. Day Spa's come in many shapes and sizes! The very first point to understand is that you spend no more than a day at the spa, there are no overnight accommodations. You can find one in any city or town, big or small. They can offer a variety of health and wellness related services.  click on Spa Finder Index 

Take a moment to see the power of touch in action, this is a beautiful, powerful story that highlights one mother’s perspective of how her instinct to Touch, hold and Talk to her baby awakened Life.

Getmassagesmart.com thanks Johnson & Johnson for producing a heart warming tribute to the power of Human Touch. Babies thrive, grow and develop healthy nervous systems and connections with life through the power of a mothers initial touches.

Learn More about Baby Massage

"How do I become a Massage Therapist?"

A massage therapy candidate will need to find out what the educational requirements are in their area. Every state has its own set of requirements. Touch therapy usually requires study in the presence of an instructor. Most states require a massage practitioner to be licensed or registered.

Are there laws governing massage in my state?

Each state has its own set of requirements. To find out what laws apply to your area; please click on State laws & Rules.

What if I just want to massage my friends or family member?

Massage therapists often offer workshops on how to massage your partner or friend. A workshop can be anywhere from one day to a long weekend.  They cover the basic contraindications to massage and simple massage strokes.

Today there is access quality massage videos on YouTube and other video hosting websites.  These videos can introduce the novice how to practice on a friend. The best combination for those who wish to massage a spouse, family member or friend is to take a class with a licensed massage therapist and watch several videos. 

Do I Need to be licensed?

Yes, the majority of US states require that the candidate for massage therapist pass a state approved licensure examination.

How do I Know if a Career in Massage Therapy is a Good Fit for Me?

Becoming a Massage Therapist is not for everyone, but for those who have diverse interests massage therapy can pair well with other professional occupations.  Such as, personal training, nutrition, fitness, skin care, chiropractic, physical therapy, the health care field, the beauty industry and so much more.

Shaun T Invites You to AMTA's 2017 National Convention
Thursday, September 14, 9am | Pasadena Convention Center

"The NCBTMB Drops the Designation Nationally Certified in favor of Board Certified and No Longer offers an Examinations for State Licensure!"

As of November 2014, the NCBTMB no longer offers the NCTEMB National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.  National Certification will be phased out on December 31,2016 and those who are Nationally Certified will need to transition to Board Certified. On October 3,2014 the NCBTMB reached an agreement with the FSMB. 

The Massage and Bodywork Licensure Examination is Offered by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards.

How do I pass the MBLEx to become a State Licensed Massage Therapist? This is a challenging question to answer. There are many websites dedicated to helping the Student pass the MBLEx examination for State Licensure and other State Licensure Examinations. Many of these websites have an established fee, on others the information is free.   See Pass my Exam Now

Is a Massage Related Online Business For Me?

The world view of commerce is changing.  Classic forms of marketing and advertising are falling by the wayside.  Those growing up online truly have a crucial advantage.  If you have a Therapeutic Massage business or you intend to open one, you will need an online presence.

Smart phones, tablets, the internet, and digital interfacing are here to stay.  Just what does it mean to you to have an online presence?  Ask yourself, will the old school marketing and advertising tactics will work in today's virtual world.  The advertising formula that was a standard of marketing for over 100 years has faded away. 

Have you considered the global landscape?  Upon first thought, it is easy to shrug off the concerns of one small business owners place in the world.  On second thought, you may want to reevaluate how you intend to promote even the smallest business operation.

Are you thinking that you want to go to your clients' home or office? This choice can save money when you are first starting out.  In the 21st century, social media has changed the way we exchange "word of mouth" referrals. So, even with this simple business strategy, you will need to use modern marketing techniques to promote yourself.       

How many subtle changes to the way you communicate with family, friends and business associates can you count?  The young and young at heart often click instantly with cultural and technological changes.   It does not matter what your age is.  Self-awareness is your first step towards connecting to the world of commerce today.  The next step is to build an online presence with a built-in marketing strategy.  

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