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Staff Post August 1. 2016

We have provided ART massage examples and videos as "Active Release Technique" continues to dominate the sports rehab industry improving the performances of every level athlete.  Taking a look at what others are doing and saying about ART can help you decide if ART is for you.  We have included an excellent article from by Michelle Goldstein.  Please see video credits at the bottom of this page.

'Active Release Technique' provides safe, effective healing for common injuries

By Natural News

(NaturalNews) Author Michelle Goldstein   Active Release Technique, also known as ART, provides an effective alternative treatment for soft tissue and nerve damage injuries. Commonly treated injuries include plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. These injuries are often treated by conventional medicine with steroid injections and surgeries, with long recovery times. The use of the targeted massage treatment known as ART can significantly shorten healing time for these injuries.

What is Active Release Technique, what does it treat and how?
ART is a soft tissue-based massage technique that addresses problems with ligaments, muscles, tendons, fascia and nerves. Several health conditions can be treated including plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, shin splints, sciatica, tennis elbow, shoulder and back pain. These injuries all involve overuse of muscles.

Over used muscles can involve small and large tears, pulling and lack of oxygen to the affected areas. These conditions in turn produce scar tissue making the muscles shorter and weaker. For the patient, these conditions result in reduced range of motion, weakness and pain. If a nerve is trapped one may also feel weakness and tingling.

Five hundred specific movements are incorporated in the ART massage, dependent on the exact injury and muscles affected. ART works by effectively stretching out the shortened, tightened muscle areas.

ART Massage Examples
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

How did ART begin?

Dr. Michael Leahy, DC discovered this successful technique approximately 25 years ago through observation and use with patients. He was able to obtain a 90 percent success rate in his patients with various ailments and later trained others in his technique. There are now hundreds of trained practitioners worldwide.

Where can providers be found and what are the costs?

Professional chiropractors, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, massage therapists and medical doctors may obtain advanced certification in this treatment to more effectively care for their patients with a wide range of injuries. Practitioners must undergo intensive multi-day training and demonstrate competency prior to receiving certification.

Most insurance companies recognize this technique as safe and effective, covering the majority of the costs. According to certified practitioner Shane Bates, DC, of Saint Louis, the majority of professional baseball and football teams utilize ART to provide quick recovery from injuries for their players. Trained practitioners can be found in most metropolitan areas.

ART Massage Examples
Brachioradialis Muscle

Statistics on common injuries and their conventional treatments

Carpal tunnel syndrome surgery is reported to be the most widely occurring surgery for hand and wrist injuries. A 2000 volume of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reported 463, 637 cases of surgery for this condition. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that there are approximately one million patient visits to doctors annually for plantar fasciitis, a painful heel injury. Conventional treatments are reported to average 6 to 18 months for recovery. These treatments include stretching exercises, use of anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injections, orthotics, night splints, and surgery.


When suffering from an injury to soft tissue, ART offers a viable option to conventional treatments of exercise, steroid injections and surgery. ART carries no risks and one will know within a few sessions whether the treatment is effective. This technique can significantly shorten recovery time for common injuries.

ART Massage Examples
Hip Complex

Sources for this article include:

Interview by Michelle Goldstein with Shane Bates, DC., certified ART practitioner. Saint Louis, MO. March 26, 2014

About the author:
Michelle is a mental health therapist who incorporates holistic approaches into her counseling practice. She has 25 years of experience successfully counseling individuals, couples and families.

Michelle became passionate about holistic health, healing and politics, after immersing herself into the world of alternative medicine looking for answers to a family member's health crisis. Beginning in 2008, Michelle learned that many standard health care recommendations, which she had long trusted, actually contribute to causing disease.

To See this article on Natural News click on Natural News above. Reposted with permission from Natural News.

Natural News is a science-based natural health advocacy organization led by activist-turned-scientist Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

The key mission of Natural News is to empower consumers with factual information about the synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, hormone disruptors and other chemicals found in foods, medicines, personal care products, children's toys and other items.

Natural News covers holistic health, nutritional therapies, consciousness and spirituality, permaculture , organics, animal rights, environmental health, food and superfoods , and performance nutrition.

The site strongly criticizes drugs-and-surgery medicine, vaccines, corporate corruption, animal testing, the use of humans for medical experiments, the chemical contamination of foods, heavy metals in consumer products, factory farming and government corruption.

ART Massage Examples
Infraspinatus Muscle

Video Art Massage Examples Resources and References

(1) Uploaded to YouTube on Sep 8, 2010

Dr. Brian Gervais

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can occur when the median nerve adheres to the surrounding soft tissues often resulting in pain, numbness, tingling and in some cases, loss of function. These sensations can occur anywhere along the median nerve as it travels from your neck down into your fingers, not just at the carpal tunnel located in the wrist.

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(2) Published on YouTube May 20, 2016

by Testosterone Nation

Brachioradialis Muscles

When it comes to chronic natured and overuse soft-tissue injuries -- common ones in the lifters and athletes -- you'd be hard pressed to find a technique that's as acutely detailed as Active Release Techniques (ART). This is true in both the physical diagnostic process along with actual treatment. It’s a hands-on technique placing tension over soft-tissues, including muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves, and moving those structures from a shortened position to an actively lengthened and stretched position under manual tension. - Dr. John Rusin

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(3) Uploaded  YouTube on Dec 6, 2010

Peter Knows Fitness

Hip Complex

He is a clip from a ART active release technique session that I did on one of my patients...

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(4) Published on Mar 27, 2012

This therapeutic technique can be found in the Advanced Techniques for Shoulder/Rotator Cuff. Visit for more information.

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