Active Isolated Stretching 2
an Educational Video Series
"These Stretches are Great for Shoulder Impingement and Shoulder Pain"

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Active Isolated Stretching 2 will continue to provide the individual and health care provider with a series of videos that assist one in learning how to perform Active Isolated Stretching.  Adarsh Williams offers an excellent presentation on the use of A.I.S. for the Neck, Shoulders, Arms and Hands.  These exercises are important for those individuals who perform manual therapies with others.  We here at Get Massage Smart have utilized these techniques ourselves and with each other for the past 30 years.

Active Isolated Stretching is the reason that we have been able to continue to work with our clients year after year while remaining pain free ourselves.  Click to the next page as the series goes on to demonstrate A.I.S. for the core muscles, hips and lower extremity.  Then click through to the next page where we will present a series of videos with Aaron Mattes demonstrating Assisted Active Isolated Stretching.  These videos provide an introduction for manual therapists.

For those interested in learning Assisted Active Isolated Stretching Aaron offers several books and DVD's on his web site.  The most effective way is to attend one of Aaron's educational seminars and become a certified practitioner. Aaron has several instructors along with himself, who offer training opportunities throughout the year.  To see the training schedule, go to

An Amazon link to Aaron's Active Isolated Stretching book titled "Specific Stretching for Everyone" is provided in the left column on this page.  This book was revised in 2014 to support Aaron's newest book on A.I.S. titled Aaron Mattes' Active Isolated stretching.  "Specific Stretching for Everyone" was put together with the stretcher in mind, whether they are an athlete, patient, client of a manual therapist or simply interested in improving their overall flexibility.  

We have provided our YouTube series to assist anyone interested in utilizing dynamic motion by performing Active Isolated Stretching.  It can often be harder to pick up a new fitness routine by simply reading and looking at static pictures in a book.  A class atmosphere is also highly effective many fitness club's today are offering dynamic stretching founded on the Aaron Mattes Method.

Active Isolated Stretching 2 the Neck: an Educational Video Series
with Adarsh Williams of

A.I.S.: Shoulders

A.I.S.: Shoulders, Trapezius, Rhomboids & Rotator Cuff

A.I.S. Chest: Pectorals & Deltoid

A.I.S.: Rotator Cuff

A.I.S.: Wrists, Hands & Fingers

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