Active Isolated Stretching
an Educational Video Series

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Just what is Active Isolated Stretching the Aaron Mattes method?  We have seen a short video by Aaron himself that discusses his own creation. If you would like to know more about Aaron's career go to our A.I.S.4 page and watch his video biography.  Now we will take a look at Dr. Mercola's as he describes his own journey toward a pain free sense of balance, flexibility and fitness.  Dr. Mercola's discusses several other methods before he gets to Active Isolated Stretching. 

When he does get to A.I.S his description may help those who want to understand more about how A.I.S works and how to perform the stretches slowly, using very light added force to stretch with your own body or a rope.  Multiple reps gradually allow the human physiology to relax and lengthen the target muscle with approximately 10 repetitions.  The use of a flexible rope assists the individual perform Active Isolated Stretching by increasing the movement by a very small amount. 

An important component of A.I.S. that should never be overlooked is breathing.  Remember to exhale with the stretch, hold the stretch for 2 seconds or less and take a big diaphragmatic inhale as you return to the neutral or original position.  The quality of your respiration improves oxygen delivery and waste removal from the tissues being worked and the entire body.  

We will begin our Active Isolated Stretching with a series of beautifully captured videos by the Northern Quarter Clinic that was produced in 2008.  The great thing about dynamic stretching is that it should never go out of style or fashion.  The Aaron Mattes method is revolutionary and should continue to build in popularity.  Although Aaron's method looks nothing like Tai Chi or Qi Gong it's clear to see that fluid dynamic motion of the joints that allows the human physiology to function as it is intended really does work.

Click through to the next page.  We will take a look at another beautiful series of A.I.S. videos produced by Adarsh Williams.  Adarsh is a massage therapist, certified A.I.S practitioner, as well as a mat Pilates and Ashtanga Yoga instructor.  Adarsh covers the neck, shoulders, arms and hands in much greater detail than the Northern Quarter Clinic Series.  Adarsh Williams published his videos on A.I.S in 2011 and has a blog site called

As always, we point out the most effective way to learn the Aaron Mattes method is from someone who teaches how to utilize the method safely.  Aaron's website has a directory of certified practitioners from around the globe.  The best way to get started is to make an appointment with a certified practitioner who will use an assisted form of the method and teach you how to continue at home on your own. 

Dr.  Mercola Discusses His Use & Love of Active Isolated Stretching

A.I.S.  for the Hips: Hamstrings, Adductors & External Rotators

A.I.S: Hips,Internal Rotators, Guteus Maximus, Medius & Minimus

A.I.S.: Adductors, Abductors, Quadriceps, Back Stabilizers & Obliques

A.I.S.: Gastrocnemius, Achilles Tendon, Tibialis Anterior, Foot Extensors & Flexors, Abdominals

A.I.S. Upper Body: Shoulders, Neck & Arms


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