Astra-Lite Massage Tables
A Solid Choice for Out Call Therapy

The above table is the Venus-III from the Astra-Lite Supra-lightweight line of portable massage tables.

The Astra-Lite massage table is made from welded aircraft aluminum tubing with a 3mm Baltic Birchwood plywood platform creating the table top.  Astra-Lite is a small privately owned US manufacturer of ultra-light aluminum framed massage tables.   Astra-lite as a company employs approximately 100 support crew and artisans in the development of a fine line of professional and supra lightweight portable massage tables.

Astra-Lite tables are geometrically strong and lightweight by design and have been in production since the late 1980's.  Astra-Lite part of Somatic Systems relies on word of mouth marketing.  So here is our plug: "10 Hands Therapeutic Touch" has owned 5 Astra-Lite tables for the past 23 years ranging in weight from 22.5 lbs. to 24lbs.  These tables are still going strong with a few minor repairs along the way.

The glue on the Velcro does not last forever, so occasionally needs to be reattached, using the same Velcro strips of course.  The original wood hooking system to keep the tables together when closed needs gentle care, although they still function on all five tables.  The carrying cases have been replaced several times and do most of the work keeping the tables closed when the table is folded down.  The Astra-lite is a finely crafted treatment tool that has been the lightest table on the market for decades. Although there are now other lightweight options to choose from our first choice is an Astra-Lite aluminum table. 

Astra-Lite Massage Tables

An Astra-Lite massage table can be outfitted with several options that increase the table's ability to handle the demands of certain massage modalities.  The Birchwood table top thickness can be increased to 4mm for those who perform techniques that require them to be on the table with a client.  This also will create a firmer surface, increasing therapist sensory feedback.  The increase in thickness will add an additional 1 1/2 lbs. to the overall weight of the table.  An additional 3/4" of foam, increasing weight by 2 lbs. can be added to the table to increase surface softness and a 10" foot support weighing 2 lbs. can be added for the comfort of taller clients.

The company offers a range of additional table accessories that can be added to any table order.  They include half-round neck and knee bolstering cushions, as well as, head cradle armrest, arm supports to increase width, table carrying case and a wedged crescent face pillow option.  For those massage therapists who are trained or intend to train in Zero Balancing technique Astra-Lite offers a bolster that supports this technique called the ZB-Cushion.  

Astra-Lite Tables are Great for the Sports Massage Therapist, Exercise Physiologist, Certified Athletic Trainers, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist or Physio-Therapist

I recently had the opportunity to work on one of the smallest and lightest tables in the Astra-Lite line.  The table weighed an amazing 16 pounds.  I found working on my athlete was easier on me than it ever had been before.  The Chiroport III is an excellent piece of therapeutic equipment.

I went looking for some video footage of an Astra-Lite table in action and found Doc Dossmen from Southern California.  He has designed and manufactured a backpack harness for transporting therapy tables!  Light bulb moment, I wonder why we have not seen something like this before.  In the following video he demonstrates his backpack harness, which he named the Mobiloop.  The table that he is using is an Astra-Lite.  Thank you to all those who continue to send us heartwarming feedback about our web site dedicated to Touch Therapy!  

Sports Massage Therapist & A.I.S. Practioner Gretchen Rieger LMT

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