Custom Craftworks Massage Tables
A Solid Piece of Massage Clinic Equipment

The above image is the Custom Craftworks Massage Table:  The Athena Classic

The Custom Craftworks massage table has a unique story that began with a request for a quality built comfortable table for massage. Ron Tinsley had been an established custom cabinet craftsman when he was asked, if he could build a strong massage table that would be as comfortable for the therapist to give a massage as it was for the client to receive a massage.  The challenge began some time in the mid 1980's. 

Ron hit the ground running and spent some time studying several tables from established manufacturers.  He realized quickly that the industry was not in touch with what forces the therapist need to use during their daily massage routines.  He found that the tables were heavy and failed to remain stable over time and frequent use in the massage room.

He began to develop a plan to build a better massage table.  His table would be stronger and remarkably lighter in comparison to other tables available at the time.  One client turned into many and over time it became apparent that building massage tables had a future.  In 1986 Ron established himself as Custom Craftworks a Massage table and accessories manufacturer. 

With the passion of a true artisan community Custom Craftworks has grown with the support of the massage therapist to become the third largest manufacturer of massage tables in the United States.  The company was sold in 2009 to Pivotal Health Solutions.  Custom Craftworks has been a true leader of innovation within the massage industry.

Custom Craftworks Massage Tables

The company name may have changed in 2009, the emphasis on quality construction has remained the same.  The company has a number of innovative tables in their extensive line.  Including their breast recess seen in the image above.  In addition they offer a pregnancy table that includes a belly recess as well. 

Custom Craftworks by Pivotal Health Solutions is dedicate to protecting the environment.  The company transforms all their waste products into other forms of usable products.  Such as, particle board, carpet padding and fresh reams of paper.

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