Dolphin II Chair Routine

Hi thank you for joining us as we present the Dolphin II Chair Routine portable massage chairs versatility.  The Dolphin II by Pisces Productions is a unique design among portable massage chairs.  This is the only chair on the market that allows for a vertical client position. Our goal with our chair routine series is to help therapist develop and improve their chair massage technique while offering a view of the top chairs to facilitate buying decisions.   

Massage clients that have had the opportunity to receive a massage on the Dolphin II will comment that it is the most comfortable chair they have ever had a massage on.  If you have a clientele that prefers deep tissue techniques this chair will allow you to use good body mechanics while applying firm to deep pressure.   The circular tubular design facilitates a wide range of adjustability, comfort and the sensation of actually lying down.  The knee cushion can be removed for those who do not tolerate pressure on their knees.   

Dolphin II Chair Routine
with Frances Reuther

Dolphin II Chair Routine
with Armstrong Therapeutics

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Dolphin II Chair Routine
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Dolphin II Chair Routine
with Glen Beckel

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