Dynamic IT Band Stretches

Three point dynamic IT band stretches that strengthen the core muscles and movers of the iliofemoral joint.  Since the IT band or track is not a muscle many people underestimate its importance to strength and balance within the walking and running gait.  The iliotibial band is a dense band of fibrous tissue which starts from the pelvis, runs along the outer thigh and links to the tibia, beneath the knee joint.

When the dynamic forces that control hip motion are out of balance, pain can result usually at the knee and within some groups of athletes at the upper edge of the lateral pelvis.  The pain is not within the iliofemoral joint or capsule, it is more defused and considered part of IT Band Syndrome.  Pain can be the result of overuse, poor running habits, the start, stop and pivoting demands of some sports, as well as, poor flexibility in the surrounding tissue and muscles.

The main function of the IT band is to stabilize the knee joint.  The IT band supports the knee joint by exerting a strong fascial pull line during rotation and abduction of the hip. When out of balance, pain may present when standing from a seated position, climbing up or going down stairs, as well as walking and running.  

The dynamic three point touch routine presented above is a wonderful way to warm up prior to athletic sport and other types of high intensity activity.  Strength within the hip and core pelvic musculature is vital for the safety of athletes and the longevity of all of us.  The video from stretchify.com provides a sound presentation of dynamic stretching and strengthening exercises for the IT Band.

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