Foot Reflexology a Video Series

Get Massage Smart offers the following videos on smart foot reflexology for their educational value.  The videos presented were chosen for their abilities to present a historical perspective, provide anatomical reflexology chart discussion or provide a clear description of foot reflexology technique.  Get Massage smart does not validate the accuracy of the videos presented.

To Find a US Certified Reflexologist in your area please go to the American Reflexology Certification Board

The Origins of Foot Reflexology a Historical Discussion

Reflexology from a Historical Perspective via Hippocrates

Spiros is an Orthopedic Reflexologist and educator from Greece who presents an interesting look at foot reflexology from the historical perspective of Greek history and culture.  Get massage smart thanks him for his thought provoking educational videos.  You May want to open each of these videos in full screen mode and pause the video to read any text slides presented.

An Introduction to Foot Body Mapping for Reflexology

The First presentation is from a UK reflexologist who does a wonderfully simplified presentation of the key body systems and their reflexive location on the right and left foot.  Thank you Frank Costello for providing this informative video on your YouTube channel.  Following you will see a series of Foot Reflexology and Body mapping Charts offered by Adam Thomas a Canadian Reflexologist and graphic artist.  He provides a beautiful visual experience, thank you Adam for uploading your work to YouTube.  Next you will find a presentation by Wong Tavern on his YouTube Channel that shows a multitude of charts in quick succession.  We recommend that you pause and open in full screen view each video for study.   Get Massage Smart offers these educational videos for there informational value and does not validate their accuracy.  Please consult your local Physician if you are experiencing any health related issues.

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Foot Reflexology Technique a Video Series

The next series of videos follows Reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier as she demonstrated 5 basic reflexology hands on technique on the HowCast YouTube Channel.  The videos go on to discuss other techniques and client considerations.  As you view the next series of videos you may want to open and pause your favorite Reflexology Chart from above in a separate window, so you can pause Chantels' video for further study.   Get massage smart presents this series of videos for their educational and informational value and does not validate their accuracy.  Please consult your local physician if you have any health related concerns.

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