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Gandhi offered up to the world this pearl of wisdom, Home Remedy articles are designed to support everyone in their goal to achieve optimal health.  With good health we have the greatest treasure that can be found anywhere in the Universe.  Health is a complete state of physical, social and mental well-being.     

The articles and videos provided here on our Home Remedy Video Series, are intended to help the world find their way back to the basic understanding that food in its most natural forms is medicinal.  The articles will also cover the benefits of non eatable herbs, plants and essential oils.  Get Massage Smart offers up the home remedies that we have shared with and learned from our clients, over the years.

Thank You for Joining us at Get Massage Smart.  We provide video podcasts for their educational value.  Please consult your personal health care team before making any changes to your health care routines.  These videos should not be considered medical recommendations and your personal physician should be consulted before making in changes in your medical care.

A Few Home Remedies to Help Increase Vitality and Defeat
Chronic Fatigue
posted 3/23/17

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and several home remedies.
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Several DIY DEET free Home Remedies to keep Mosquitoes and other flying insects OFF!
posted 1/27/17

Easy and healthy ways to keep mosquitoes OFF and reduce exposure to the West Nile Virus, Enchephalitis or the Zika virus,  All three of these solutions have been shown to be as effective or more effective than the controversially active ingredient DEET,  DEET is a neurotoxin and growing children should never be exposed to it.  The video article, all so offers up several commercially produced products that are effective and do not contain DEET.

Hyssop Tea preventing infections since Biblical Times
posted 1/17/16

Although you may never have heard of Hyssop tea before, it is commonly produced and sold.  You may not be able to find it at your average food market, yet it is widely available at health food stores and online,  The herb Hyssop is used most often as a tea, but can also be found as an essential oil and used as a dried or fresh herb in cooking.

Cold Home Remedy
posted 1/12/17

The world population is in an ongoing search to find the cure for the common cold.  This herbal recipe is almost as old as the use of Hyssop.  It has been shown to knock out the cold if used at the first signs of distress.  It will reduce the duration of the cold symptoms if they have already taken hold.

This herbal tea recipe is much easier to make yourself than you may imagine.  The most challenging part is obtaining the three key ingredients.  The dried berries, leaves and flower & leaves can be found at health food stores and easily online.

This cold remedy recipe really works and is well worth the investment in time and money to have the herbs on hand when needed, dried Elder Berry, dried Mint leaves, dried Yarrow (flower & leaves).

How to Buy, Clean and Store Beetroots and a Super Healthy Beet Smoothie Recipe
posted 1/7/17

The beet has been wholly underestimated.  It has an amazing ability to cleans the blood.  The use of the beetroot can easily be traced back to Roman Times.  It was used during the Roman Empire to treat such conditions as high fever and constipation.

The beet contains high concentrations of potassium, magnesium, and iron.  In addition it contains the vitamins B6, A and C; as well as folic acid, proteins, antioxidants and soluble fiber.  Although some would describe the beet as an acquired taste, many beet juice recipes ad additional flavors that can make beet juice quite enjoyable.

The beetroot juice recipe included in this video article is kid tested and approved!

Home Remedy
Super Healthy Blood with Beet Juice
posted 1/4/17

The beetroot, if you have only enough patients for a few really amazing foods that are beyond good for you,  Then you may want to take a really close look at the beet.  Yes, the most commonly used preparation methods may not appeal to your taste buds, yet the beet has gone mainstream and gourmet in the 21st century.

The video article provides an abundance of research information.  An amazing number of beetroot compounds have been identified.  Understanding the beet can help us assimilate the incredible gift nature has provided us.

How Raw Garlic and Raw Honey can Boost Immunity
posted 1/1/17

Home Remedy
Egg Proteins May Reduce Blood Pressure
posted 1/1/17