Lomi Lomi Massage

Staff article posted 11/18/14

Lomi Lomi massage has been passed down through family lines from the ancient Polynesians who are the master healers of Hawaii.  Lomilomi is practiced traditionally with prayer and intention.  Lomi Lomi translates simply as massage and plays a special cultural role in both healing and spiritual balance.

This Polynesian healing art is passed down through family and village lines and as such has taken on subtle differences and family names such as Lomi Lomi Naui, Mana Lomi or Ka Pa Lomilomi.  The Kahuna of the village was the master, doctor and spiritual healer within the village who passed down the specific character of the massage from generation to generation.

A certain child was selected to pass on the knowledge.  The child was usually around the age of five and would be instructed for a minimum of 10 years before being allowed to practice the art within the village.  The knowledge was never passed to an individual outside of the village.

The healing is performed with skill, knowledge of the body and body systems and the passing of life force from the ancestors thru the Kahuna.  The work will bring the individuals physical body, emotional body and spiritual body into balance with nature. 

A core philosophy is that each individual is equally divine in every way.  The spirit seeks harmony and love and the practice of loving hands facilitates this harmony and love.  Lomi Lomi focusses on unlimited healing. 

Lomi Lomi Massage has like all Forms of Massage Evolved

Get Massage Smart found this video a vivid and elegant presentation of Hawaiian Massage.  The video was up loaded to YouTube in September of 2011 as an educational and promotional video within Germany.  The spread of Lomilomi massage around the world is a beautiful testament to its cultural roots. 

In an effort to preserve the art of Lomi Lomi massage several Kahuna masters have passed on the knowledge to individuals outside of the village and family.  In an age when family structures are breaking down and cultures are struggling to preserve their individuality the essence of Lomilomi has been passed outside the core of the village and family lines. 

It would be very accurate to state that Hawaiian massage defies an easy explanation.  That it is very old, very sacred, eternally spiritual just scratches the surface.  Most pointedly to say that modern society has had an effect on its teaching would be an understatement. 

Family training has transformed into traditional schools of Hawaiian massage  in Hawaii and evolving schools of Hawaiian massage on the main land, as with the world at large a more scientific and clinical approach to training and education has emerged.  It only seems logical that it would with licensure requirements within the states.  The joy, love and harmony of its essence remains intact.

Students of the movement art have much to learn on multiple levels and traditional Hawaiian schools deliver a traditional knowledge.  The work is gentle and rhythmic yet while delivering a deep sense of relaxation providing for deep changes within the musculature, mental state, emotional and spiritual state of client. 

Lomi Lomi Nui Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage Music Inspired by the Ancestors

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