MBLEx Anatomy and Physiology 3
12 to 13 Questions a Video Review
For The Massage Licensure Candidate
& Massage Student

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Continuing with our Crash Course MBLEx Anatomy And Physiology 3 video review for health care students, massage students and massage licensure candidates.  In the following lessons Hank covers the Skeletal System, Joint Structure, and Muscular System. The links at the bottom of this page connect to additional Get Massage Smart resources for learning the muscles.  We would like to also recommend that you take a look at our video action series covering the shoulder girdle.   In addition if you like to read about the Skeletal system and Joints we have created our own short and quick transcript of each of Crash Course's lessons for the bones and joints

Page Recommendations:

Open the video lesson in full screen. Watch the entire lesson from beginning to end straight through the first time.  Open the video again pause the video and take notes as if listening to a classroom lecture.  It can be helpful to pause the video for one of Hanks animations and slide the bar forward.  This allows you to capture all of the information at your own pace.

This technique can be used for any or all of the Crash Course lessons.  When preparing to take the MBLEx it is vital that you know your bones and bony landmarks.  This information is the foundation for learning the names, origin, insertion, action and nerve innervation of the skeletal muscles. 

MBLEx Anatomy and Physiology 3
The Skeletal System

Hank begins by introducing the Anatomy of the Skeletal System. He describes the three category of bones that make up the skeleton. The long, the short, and the flat & irregular bones.   Hank goes on to explain the function and arrangement of compact and spongy bone.  He discusses the structural components of dense or compact bone the osteons and their inner lamella.   Hank concludes this lesson by describing the three types of bone cells and how they function in bone remodeling.

Learning Resources: Pearson Higher Education Labeling Exercises

If you are in school you have your designated text books and additional study aids available to you.  Learning the names of all of the bones and their corresponding bony landmarks can be a challenge. Take a look at the Bones Box from Loyola University of Chicago, then study the following slides.   When you open the labeling exercise you can click a tab in the upper right corner to see the bones and landmarks labeled.  After you have spent some time studying you can test your recall by clicking the reset tab, also found in the upper right corner and label the image.  Continue your study and review by moving on to the McGraw-Hill labeling exercises to strengthen your retention and test your memory.

The Bones Box provided by Loyola University of Chicago

Long Bone Labeling Exercise

Human Skull Lateral View Labeling Exercise

Human Skull Top of Cranium Removed Labeling Exercise

Human Skull Inferior View Labeling Exercise

Human Skull Anterior View Labeling Exercise

A Typical Vertebra Anterior View Labeling Exercise

Bones of the Shoulder Girdle Labeling Exercise

Scapula Labeling Exercise

Humerus Labeling Exercise

Bones of the Right Hand Labeling Exercise

Learning Resources: McGraw-Hill Education Labeling Exercises

Long Bone Labeling Exercise  

Midsagittal Section of the Skull Labeling Exercise  

Spinal Colum Labeling Exercise

Chest Wall and Shoulder Girdle Labeling Exercise

Tibia and Fibula Labeling Exercise

Bones of the Foot Labeling Exercise

Knowledge Check Point

Quiz on the Skeletal System from Hole's Human Anatomy and Physiology; Ninth Edition, by David Shier, Ricki Lewis, and Jackie Butler.

Skeletal System Quiz provided by Dr. Grass from City College of San Francisco.

Skeletal System Quiz provided by the Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology; Tenth Edition, by Elaine N. Maries. 

Five Questions on Types of Bones from MassageNerd.com.

Twenty Eight Questions on Bony Landmarks from MassageNerd.com.

Fifteen Questions on Bones from free-anatomy-quiz.com

MBLEx Anatomy and Physiology 3
The Structure and Function of Joints

Learning Resources: Labeling Exercises

Shoulder Joint Labeling Exercise

Shoulder Joint Labeling Exercise with Wiley & Son

Knee Joint Labeling Exercise with McGraw-Hill Online

Knowledge Check Point

MBLEx Anatomy and Physiology 3
The Structure and Function of Muscle Cells

MBLEx Anatomy and Physiology 3
Muscular System

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