MBLEx Anatomy and Physiology
12 to 13 Questions a Video Review
For the Massage Licensure Candidate
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                                                                                                                                           MBLEX Anatomy and Physiology 2

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How to go about preparing to pass the MBLEx Anatomy and Physiology section of the licensure exam is on your mind.  Everyone can remember where their elbow is but when time has passed since graduation all those other anatomical and physiological details can slip away from us.  This video review via the YouTube Crash Course Channel is offered for its quick and concise presentation of basic Anatomy & Physiology.  Hank Green provides a well-balanced review for the Massage and Body Work Licensure Candidate.  These videos are also amazing resources for the massage therapy student preparing to take a test while in massage school.  They can also help any student enrolled in a health related program of study.  Get Massage Smart Thanks Hank Green and his brother from Crash Course for their hard work and outstanding educational videos on a diverse range of topics.  This page contains a little over 75 minutes of A & P video lectures.  Watch them as many times as you need to absorb and integrate the information.

MBLEx Anatomy and Physiology
What the Exam Content Outline Tells us You Need to Know

The MBLEx content outline can be found on the Federation of State Massage Therapy Board website.  As can be seen from the content outline each of the body systems is covered both from an anatomical perspective and a physiological perspective.  In addition the outline includes special senses, tissue injury and repair and concepts of energetic anatomy.  Special senses, tissue injury and repair as well as concepts of energetic anatomy will be covered in detail on their own page. (Links will be provided here when these pages are completed)

Each section within the Massage and Bodywork Licensure Exam represents a percentage of the exam and number of questions that will deal with the section topic.  Obviously A & P is a broad topic and only 12 to 13 questions will be asked of you.  The challenge is that no one can tell you what specific pieces of information your questions will deal with.  This is why you will need to review each of the body systems as well as special senses, tissue injury and repair and concepts of energetic anatomy.

Hank talks and moves very fast through each of the body systems.  He also provides an enormous amount of introductory anatomy on the same level as you will find on your licensure exam.  We recommend opening each video in full screen mode and stopping the video to read pop ups and bullet points.  You can actually slide the screen forward slowly to see what comes next when play is paused.  You may even want to take notes on areas that you do not remember or are not clear about.  We invite you to utilize our contact page to ask questions.  Our staff is comprised of massage therapy instructors.  Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response especially on weekends noting that response times will often be much quicker.

MBLEx Anatomy and Physiology
An Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology

The very fact that Hank moves quickly through the basic concepts of A & P is the very reason that these videos make for an excellent review for the massage therapy student and massage licensure candidate.  Hank covers the meaning of Anatomy & Physiology while introducing the student to how these two aspects of the human body work together.  He then goes on to discuss the body's levels of structural organization, explains the concept of homeostasis and introduces the student to directional terminology.  Get Massage Smart offers theses videos for their educational value and does not validate their accuracy.

Knowledge Check Point

As educators we know that the best way to make sure you are retaining the information is to test yourself.  We offer a series of online free A & P tests.  These tests are from various sources that do not necessarily follow the exact content outline that crash course has created for their video lectures.  The quizzes do no reflect the exact material that may be found on the MBLEx only an overview of the A & P material presented.  Here is Hole's Anatomy and Physiology 9th Edition online quiz Introduction to A & P provided by McGraw-Hill online.

MBLEx Anatomy and Physiology
The Animal Cell from their Biology Course

Understanding how cells are organized and what organelles are can provide a stable foundation for understanding how tissues repair themselves after injury.  Tissue repair takes place at the cellular level.  Hank discusses cilia which can be found in the lungs and flagella the tail of a sperm cell both found in the human body.  He goes on to define the cellular membrane, the fluid found in a cell called cytoplasm and the organelles that can be found within an animals cell.  These organelles include: centrosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, Golgi apparatus, lysosomes, nucleus and mitochondria.

MBLEx Anatomy and Physiology
Membranes & Transport from their Biology Course

Hank continues his discussion of how cells can function within animals.  These concepts help us understand how tissues repair themselves, how information moves along nerves and how muscle cells contract.  Note the MBLEx content outline does not indicate that it covers these topics in detail although they may help a student answer tissue repair, nervous system & special senses and muscle tissue and contraction questions.  To help you decide if this video will help you with what you are covering in massage school it discusses these topics:

  • Passive Transport
  • Diffusion
  • Osmosis
  • Channel Proteins
  • Active Transport
  • Vascular Transport
  • Exocytosis
  • Endocytosis
  • Phagocytosis
  • Pinocytosis
  • Receptor-Mediated Endocytosis

Knowledge Check Point

Here is a quick quiz and an animation clearly showing the active transport process through a cell membrane.  Here is another one that covers exocytosis and endocytosis.  Take a moment and view the animations and answer the following questions to see how well you are absorbing and retaining information,  The short quiz and animation is provided by McGraw-Hill Publishing.

MBLEX Anatomy and Physiology
Mitosis from their Biology Course

Knowledge Check Point

Hank has provided an excellent description of the process and stages of mitosis.  Next we offer you a link to an audio description of mitosis followed by a few quiz questions to help with test your understanding.  Quiz and audio provided by McGraw-Hill online.  Mitosis

MBLEx Anatomy and Physiology
ATP and Respiration from their Biology Course

This part of Hanks presentation on ATP is probably not going to show up on the MBLEx.  That said it can be very helpful for understanding the physiology of how ATP is formed which is vital in order for your muscles to contract.  We recommend this if you are an A & P junky like us and if you are struggling with this concept for an up coming test.  If you are done with your massage therapy program and are simply reviewing for the MBLEx then please feel free to skip this video.

Knowledge Check Point

Here are two quick animations followed by a few quiz questions to see if you retained anything from Hanks review of ATP and cellular respiration.  The animation and quiz content is provided by McGraw-Hill online.  ATP & Krebs Cycle and Electron Transport and ATP production

MBLEx Anatomy and Physiology
The Tissues of the Human Body

Hank discuses Histology the study of tissues and how and when humans began studying tissues.  For the massage therapy student he describes and defines the cells that make up the nervous system and muscular system. 

  • Neurons & Glia Cells
  • Cardiac muscle  cells & tissue
  • Smooth muscle cells & tissue
  • Skeletal muscle cells & Tissue

MBLEx Anatomy and Physiology
The Tissues of the Human Body Part 2

Hank discuses how epithelial tissue creates inner and outer boundaries for the body in this video. The Integumentary system commonly referred to as skin is made up of epithelial tissue.  He goes on to cover the following topics:

  • Layers of epithelial tissues: simple or stratified
  • Shapes of epithelial cells: Squamous, cuboidal or columnar
  • Epithelial cells are polar
  • Apical & Basal Sides
  • Selectively Permeable
  • Glandular epithelial tissues form Endocrine System & Exocrine System Glands

MBLEx Anatomy and Physiology
The Tissues of the Human Body Part 3

Hank begins his discussion with Marfan Syndrome an interesting genetic disorder that effects the connective tissues of the body.  He goes on to discuss connective tissue the most abundant and diverse tissue in the body in more detail.  There are four specific types of connective tissue all of which are necessary for the massage therapy student to understand and be able to discuss with a client.  This video covers the following topics concerning connective tissue:

  • What are the four types of connective tissues: Proper, Cartilage, Bone & Blood
  • What germ layer did they come from: Mesenchyme
  • The connective tissue blood and blood flow
  • What happens between the cells of connective tissues: extra cellular matrix is full of ground substance and fibers
  • How the connective tissue cells perform functions for the immune system and the cells involved: blast, cyte and immune cell types

MBLEx Anatomy and Physiology
The Tissues of the Human Body Part 4

Hank begins his discussion with how connective tissue lines the skin and organizes and binds the flesh or proteins or muscles of the body.  Describing how and why we began to cook meat to make it easier to eat.  This video continues to discuss:

  • The difference between Loose and Dense connective tissue
  • What are: Areolar, Adipose, Reticular, Tendons, Ligaments, Dense Irregular and Dense Elastic connective tissues
  • What are the Three types of Cartilage as Well As Spongy and Compact Bone?
  • Blood and How it is a Connective Tissue

Knowledge Check Point

Passing the MBLEx is the primary goal of this video A & P series presentation from Crash Course.  We are available to help you via email.  Have a question that has not been answered by viewing the above video selection please contact us via our contact page.  We usually are able to respond within 24 to 48 hours.  Our intention is to create a quick review for each of the 8 MBLEx content categories.  If you need a more in depth review consider purchasing one of our recommended MBLEx study guides or utilizing massage-exam.com an online practice exam generator.

Massage Practice Exams for NCETMB, NCETM and MBLEx

Here are a few places to go and take some free practice tests.  They are based on the subject matter and not on the MBLEx.  Some are easier than others and they may contain questions beyond the level of presentation here via Hank Green and Crash Course.  Practice is always fun when its not for a recorded grade!.

                                                                MBLEx Anatomy and Physiology 2

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