Stimulate Lymph Improve Immunity

Staff Article April 14, 2015

The Lymphatic system has many functions one of its primary goals is to stimulate lymph improve immunity by returning interstitial fluids back to the heart and cardiovascular system.  The goal of this discussion is to increase awareness and understanding of how important it is for us as human beings and animals to move. Our fundamental systems are designed to function best with physical movement.

Play the above video imagery of the movement of plasma out of the red capillaries to become interstitial fluid within the pink cells & tissue then flow into the purple lymph capillaries.  The lymph flows from capillary to lymph node and will pass through multiple node systems depending on its point of entrance into the lymphatic vascular system.  As you continue to watch the video you will see the fluid represented as a point of white light travel through the system and return to the heart via the subclavian veins which lie just beneath the clavicles.   

Our internal environment is in constant motion.  Our smooth and cardiac muscle as well as our skeletal muscles are in a continual cycle of contraction and relaxation providing for motion.  Even when we are not moving from place to place our skeletal muscles are in a continuous state of contraction to support our sitting or lying posture.

Our natural immune defenses depend on a delicate balance of fluids, pressures, electrolytes, and enzymes, as well as the movement of our red and white blood cells and our entire body.  Stimulating lymph improves immunity by providing for motion within the system.  The lymphatic system unlike the cardiovascular system does not have a pump (heart) to facilitate pressure and movement.  The lymphatic system depends primarily on the movements of the individual.

Therefore, it is vital that we move on a daily basis.  Even if you have a static or sedentary career or lifestyle there are many easy ways to add beneficial motion into your daily routines to stimulate lymph improve immunity.  Ideally an individual will be in some form of motion at least once within every 60 minute cycle.  Stand up and stretch, fetch a cup of water or simply stretch out your legs and wiggle your toes and move your ankles while sitting at your desk or watching a program.

Schedule a weekly or by weekly massage.  Light Swedish full body massage is a wonderful way to stimulate the cardiovascular system and lymphatic system.  Feeling a little more sluggish than usual then pamper yourself with a lymphatic massage.  A massage therapist will use subtle movements and body motions to stimulate lymph improve immunity.

Smart Lipo a Directed Laser Fat Melting Removal Procedure!
Is it a Safe Medical Procedure?
Recommended Manual Lymphatic Drainage during Recovery

This laser directed fat removal procedure has become very popular.  Smart Lipo or laser lipolysis is a bit controversial within the medical community.  Some medical doctors feel that the results are not superior or safer than other more commonly used methods. 

This medical technique for reducing fat accumulation around veracious regions of the body has its own often profound set of possible medical complications.  In fact there is growing concern that too many physicians from a diverse range of disciplines are flocking to cash in on the perceived revolutionary procedure.  Learning the technique over a weekend seminar and providing care for patients the very next weekend. 

If you are considering a fat removal procedure take the time to educate yourself on the specific procedure the attending physician will be using.  In addition do a through check on his education, certifications and practice.  Any form of fat removal is not a simple procedure and is best performed by a educated, skilled and practiced surgeon.

Patients need to be aware that there is more to the procedure than the use of a laser fiber to melt the fat.  This gelled tissue material still needs to be removed from the subcutaneous layer.  A great understanding of the three dimensional layers of human anatomy is essential.  This understanding requires the rigorous training of a Surgeon.

As a result of the explosion of MD's entering this emerging field of aesthetic medicine a new emphasis has been placed on the benefits of manual lymphatic drainage.  Lymphatic massage is commonly recommended by the medical community pre-procedure and post procedure for many forms of cosmetic surgery and fat removal.  To learn more about MLD before and after Smart Lipo follow the link to a video article pod cast from Get Massage Smart. 

Stimulate Lymph Improve Immunity

Four easy ways to circulate your lymphatic fluid

January 15, 2012 By Natural News

(NaturalNews)  Author Marsha Anderson  Everyone knows that the circulatory system has a very famous, much loved central component called the heart. The heart works non-stop 24/7 for an entire lifetime circulating blood. The lymphatic system is a specialized component of the circulatory system that doesn't have the advantage of a central pump. The flow inside the lymphatic vessels is unidirectional because of one-way valves that keep the lymph from traveling backwards but the circulation depends largely on movement.

The blood brings nutrition and oxygen to the cells and the lymph removes the waste, debris, and disease components such as viruses. The cells are bathed in lymphatic fluid. Fluid retention in the tissues suffocates the cells so that the nutrients can't get in and garbage accumulates. There are four excellent and simple methods to get the lymphatic fluid moving and each one will help to get the nutrients in and the waste products out.

Deep breathing

Deep diaphragmatic breathing is possibly the best way of circulating the lymph. Breath in slowly and deeply pushing the belly out and then let the breath go slowly and completely. The dramatic pressure variance with the lung expansion and contraction moves the lymph and also helps to open the ducts to allow the lymph to reenter the bloodstream at the subclavian veins at the base of the neck. Deep, slow diaphragmatic breathing for 10 minutes a day will oxygenate the blood and also circulate the lymph.


A Rebounder, also known as a mini-trampoline, is a great way to exercise. A simple, gentle walk in place without even lifting the feet off of the trampoline will suffice to circulate the lymph. At the top of the bounce the body experiences a moment free of gravity and at that time all of the one-way valves in the lymphatic vessels open to allow the fluid to move upward. This can even be done without a rebounder just by bouncing on the toes.

Massage and movement

Lymphatic drainage is a technical skill taught by a therapist, however a gentle massage can be self administered with good effects. Lymphatic massage is gentle using very little pressure to move and stretch the skin to stimulate flow through the lymphatic capillaries that are located just under the skin. Massage the skin in the direction of the heart. Any kind of movement such as walking will circulate the lymph because of the muscle contractions. Even laughter works well to get the fluid in motion.

Castor oil

"No drug exists that has the ability to improve lymphatic flow; however, the job can easily be handled through the topical application of Castor oil," said Dr David G. Williams. For lymphatic stimulation, a good place to put a Castor oil pack would be the lower abdomen and/or the liver. For a Castor oil pack use a cotton or wool flannel cloth folded in several layers and a good quality, cold-pressed oil. Saturate the cloth in oil and apply it to the skin. Put plastic over the pack to keep the oil from dripping, then wrap an old towel around the pack for more protection. A hot water bottle placed over the pack will increase the effectiveness of the treatment. It can be left in place as long as all night. Because of the antimicrobial properties of the oil. the same pack can be used over again many times before discarding.

Sources for this article include

The Golden Seven Plus One by C. Samuel West, D.N., N.D. January 1983, Samuel Publishing

Dr David G Williams complementary Newsletter v6 n1, July 1995

About the author:
Marsha Anderson practices organic gardening, plant based nutrition, and healthy living in sunny San Diego, California.

To See this article on Natural News click on Natural News above. Reposted with permission from Natural News.

Natural News is a science-based natural health advocacy organization led by activist-turned-scientist Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

The key mission of Natural News is to empower consumers with factual information about the synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, hormone disruptors and other chemicals found in foods, medicines, personal care products, children's toys and other items.

Natural News covers holistic health, nutritional therapies, consciousness and spirituality, permaculture , organics, animal rights, environmental health, food and superfoods , and performance nutrition.

The site strongly criticizes drugs-and-surgery medicine, vaccines, corporate corruption, animal testing, the use of humans for medical experiments, the chemical contamination of foods, heavy metals in consumer products, factory farming and government corruption.

What is it and What Does Manual Lymph Drainage Look Like?

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