Stone Massage Tips
for the Therapist, Student or Anyone

Massage Treatment Tips for do it yourselfers or professional LMT's.

Here are our stone massage tips as we have received many requests for advice on what works best for stone work. Tongs work great for lifting stones and placing between two towels. If you are looking for stone massage supplies use the Amazon search box provided. A hot glove can work too if it is designed for a fire place or camp fire, i.e. one that does not easily absorb water.  Hand towels can work if the stone is not submerged in water.   

We have found that the most efficient way to heat basalt stones is to use a moist electric heating pad.  It takes between 20 to 30 minutes to have them just right for use on the body.  You will want to use a vinyl oil resistant cover or pillow case to protect the pad. This is one of the best stone massage tips for working with hot stones.  Because most heating units will make the stones to hot to work with and time must be allowed for them to cool to a usable temperature.

If you have a hydrocollator you can use two pads to heat up the stones, although timing is more sensitive because they will begin to cool off.  A steam cabinet can also be used.  We recommend a dedicated cabinet for stone therapy and to wrap a stones in each of the hand towels.  The great thing about a steam cabinet is that the stones only need a few minutes to cool to a usable temperature.  Roasters are big but you may already own one and they have room for a full set of stones.  The best ways to control temperature and heat stones are moist electric heating pad, dedicated steam cabinet, or hydrocollator pads.

Video Clip of Stone Massage Tips for the Massage Therapist

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More Stone Massage Tips

A crock pot or ceramic lined slow cooker can also be used.  We have found that the small warming unit that comes with some of the large crock pots produces just the right heat to use the stones efficiently.  We have also used electric woks, fry pans and electric vegetable steamers. 

It is best to use a minimal amount of water and place a towel on the bottom of any electric unit you fill with water.  The towels protect the unit surface as well as your hands when you go to pick up a stone.  Small units work very well if you are just using the heated stones as part of a full body relaxation treatment rather than a full stone massage treatment. 

Vegetable steamers work fine if you already own one just remember to check water level in unit if left on for any length of time.   Wet small towels before wrapping stones or place wet towel on bottom add selection of stones then place wet towels on top of stones.  You can also have several rolled wet towels and stones.  You may want to heat stones outside of treatment room if you unit creates a ticking sound. 

Many therapists are wrapping the stones in wet hand towels and using a microwave to heat their stones or using a microwavable moist heating pad to wrap them in.  This method is easy and efficient.  We do not recommend heating healing stones with microwave ovens.  The frequency used in these units to create heat is not beneficial to the human body.

Great Short Video on How to Set up Stones

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We have provided an Amazon search with the most popular moist electric heating pads and stone sets displayed for your convenience.  You can also search for stone massage heaters, steam cabinets and small fry pans or electric woks.   Searching for stone massage tools will also display a selection of different shaped stone tools for those who prefer trigger point therapy or a deeper massage treatment.

We have selected the hot and cold Guasha stone tool because it is easy to hold and very effective for treating trigger points and knots.  We all agree that it works well when chilled first although the stone will not remain cool for long.  You can purchase several shaped stone tools and utilize cold packs or a bowl of ice if you like working with cryotherapy like we do.

Here is Another Short Video That helps One Visualize the Tools Needed
& Provides Safety Tips for the Use of Hot Stones!

Uploaded on Aug 20, 2009

Instructions on how to perform a hot stone massage by TIR Massage Stone. This is a clip taken from the "Hot Stone Therapy DVD" produced at and is an introduction to hot stone massage techniques. It shows the basic rock set up and precautions as well as basic techniques and information for a massage. This clip shows more of the details on choosing a stone set, ideas on how to set up your workspace and other tips on effective warm stone massage.

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Safety Notations from US

Note: If the Stone is burning your hand it will burn your client or spouse.  Regulating temperature is the most vital part of using stones.  Use a tong or heat glove to remove them from unit.  If they are submerged in water you will need a tong.  Place on or between towels to let cool while helping them to retain their heat.  As demonstrated in both of the above videos it is advisable to have a bowl or bottle of cold water available to cool the stones to a useable temperature.

The above video demonstrates the placement of stones under the client as they lie on their back.  Get Massage Smart does not recommend this placement.  Our experience is that it can lead to client burns as you have no control over the stones.  We also recommend extreme caution when placing stones on the back in the prone or face down position.  The following video gives a few great stone massage tips for placing stones on the back.

An introduction to Back Stone Massage Tips

The video above provides a beautiful demonstration of one of the most common ways to utilize hot stones on the back.  We love the inclusion of long cylindrical stones as tools for use on the trapezius and scapula.  The presenter also demonstrates their use along the sacrum and hips.

We have found that the beauty of stone massage lies in the warmth of the stones and the simplicity of application.  The following videos offer a look at this simplicity.  We hope to encourage others to receive a stone massage today.  If you are a body worker or therapist and have never received a hot stone massage, may we ask "What are you waiting for"? 

Students, LMT's and professional massage therapists who have never provided a stone massage for a fellow student or client can pick up everything they need from the videos on this page or watch the video by Hot Stone Hut for a detailed 50 minute presentation at the bottom of our Stone Massage page.  For those who are more adventurous and dedicated do it yourselfers these videos will help you learn how to provide stone massage for your family and friends.

Stone Massage Tips for the Back of the Legs

Here is an Amazon My Picks Search
To Help find the Best Stone Massage Tools for You

Stone Massage Tips for the Front of the Legs

Stone Massage Tips for the Arms

How to Use the Hot Stone on the Face

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