Have you often wondered about a Hot Stone Massage? Why is rubbing Hot Stones on the body Special?

Article last updated November 4, 2017

Many newcomers to Hot Stone Massage find that it really has transformed their lives. It takes the relaxation massage to a whole new level that really needs to be experienced to appreciate.

How Does Hot Rock Massage Work?

The stones are usually made of basalt, a type of rock that is rich in iron, so they retain heat. Basalt River rocks are normally used because they are so smooth - they have been smoothed over time by the river's current. Basalt rock comes from volcanic eruptions and are sometimes referred to as lava rocks.

The stones are immersed in water and heated in an electric heating device until they are within a certain temperature range. The stones may be placed at specific points on the back, in the palms of the hand, or between the toes. The stones can also be used as a tool, within the hands of the therapist for luxurious effleurage, an even pressured gliding stroke; or to stimulate acupoints.

The heat warms and relaxes the muscles, which allows the therapist to apply deeper pressure, if desired.

The key transforming component, that should never be underestimated, is the heat transferred to the body thru the stone. Clients have reported an incredible sense of well being after having received a hot stone massage. The earth elements are found within the stone not only help to hold heat (such as iron), but also play an important role in balancing the body's energy field.

The use of warm stones to massage the body dates back to antiquity. It was not until the Arizona massage therapist Mary Nelson introduced her hot stone massage technique, called LaStone Therapy, that the use of hot stones for massage caught on. It was by far the biggest craze of the 90's and a must have service on any Massage Establishment or Spa menu.

Why Do People Get Heated Stone Massage?

Today this massage modality is still a favorite among massage enthusiasts.  Its continued popularity can be seen by its inclusion on Day Spa and Massage Chains list of services across the country and around the world.  If you have ever experienced a mind melting stone massage you would completely understand why.

Many people find the warmth of the hot stones to be comforting and get it for relaxation. The heat transferred into the tissue from the stone intensifies the sensation of relaxation. The warmth can be immeasurably comforting to the individual. Some, people have reported the deepest sleep they have experienced in years, after receiving a stone therapy massage.

It is a favorite stress reduction technique even for the massage therapist, as an insider you would know that a favorite traded massage among professionals is stone massage.  The waves of heat wash over the body, bringing a release of tension and allowing for deep restful meditation.  An amazing method for an overactive body or mind.

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Some First timers to massage who received a Stone Massage as their first massage never want a massage without them!

The most abundantly stated reason for receiving a stone massage is its incredible ability to facilitate relaxation.  Relaxation is not the only benefit of this wonderful thermal therapy. People also receive hot lava basalt rock massage for a variety of health conditions.

This massage is often said to be suited to people who tend to feel chilly or who have cold feet. It's also suited for people who have muscle tension, but prefer a lighter massage. The heat relaxes muscles, allowing the therapist to work the muscles without using deep pressure.

People also receive hot stone massage for a variety of health conditions such as Back pain and aches, poor circulation and osteoarthritis and arthritis pain. The most common reason is simply to de-stress, other motivators are to deal with anxiety, depression and insomnia.  Over stimulation and a high degree of stress can make this your best option.

Five Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

The positive benefits of this revitalizing massage cannot be over emphasized.

You may consider yourself a DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE connoisseur, and many people with your preference shy away from this form of massage. It often sounds too fluffy for them. Once you give it a try, you may very well find yourself a convert and true believer in stone therapy.

One of the misconceptions about heat lava rock massage is that it is exclusively a light massage. Many Stone therapy sessions performed in a Spa are light massage, but put the hot stone in the hands of a skilled deep tissue therapist and the concept changes. You now have a way of relaxing those "oh so very tight muscles", without beating yourself up as a client and receiver of massage.

So, ask your therapist if they use hot stones as a part of their deep tissue massage. Many professional massage therapists in private practice will use hot stones along with Neuromuscular Therapy or Myofascial Release.  If you are tense and have tight muscles and nothing seems to work, give stone therapy a try.

How to Perform this Massage at Home

We have been asked to offer more information on how to perform hot stone massage. We found this DIY video on Stones and Reflexology from Oakworks educational series.  Watching this video may help those who are considering a Spa Stone Massage Therapy Session.  You may not want to actually perform the massage, yet understanding how it works may help you feel more comfortable with choosing Stone Massage the next time you visit a spa and starting with the feet feels so great.  For more stone massage tips, click the link provided to go to our next page on stone massage.  The how to steps are broken up into smaller video segments. To start at the feet is a luxury and for some the best part of a massage.  Get Massage Smart offers this video from Oakworks for its educational value, we do not validate its accuracy.  Note: Privacy Enhanced Mode is always enabled when posting YouTube videos on Get Massage Smart.  How to use hot stones as part of a reflexology session.

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