Tennis Forehand Kinetic Chain 2


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Tennis Forehand Kinetic Chain 2

The tennis forehand kinetic chain 2 provides a blue print to better and safer play.  Understanding the chain of kinetic responses within a game of tennis can improve player results and help prevent injury.  Florian introduces a flow of motion that prepares the player for a balanced and effective forehand stroke.  This early preparation opens up the body allowing for a smooth stroke where the shoulder is not over worked.

For the therapist who is not a power player understanding the physiological response to foot work and forehand stroke will improve treatment.  A therapist who actually plays the sport has an edge on helping a player rehab an injury and analyzing their play to develop a strategy to prevent further injury.  That being said a sports therapist can not play every sport.  Watching this series of videos can help a player and a therapist visualize motion while improving a treatment plan.

As you watch the video take note of the slow motion explanation where the response begins with the return swing prior to ball strike leading to a hop up from the legs while aligning the chest toward the incoming play.  This instance of preparation helps to place the body microseconds ahead of the ball strike in better alignment for the upcoming forehand stroke.  As the player confirms an incoming forehand stroke the chain of motion opens the chest and shoulders for the upcoming strike. 

As you listen to the video take note of Florian's reference to a (uni-turn).  He is referencing a hop to place both feet and hips inline in preparation for the forehand stroke.  He brings his arms forward in alignment with his chest so that when the ball arrives he simple has to bring the racket a micro-segment back in order to strike the ball.  He can now easily drop the racket down to have a low to high swing pattern with little to no strain on the shoulder girdle. 

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The above video was Published on May 11, 2016

For a good forehand in tennis it is critical that you prepare early. Many tennis players prepare too late which results in all sorts of problems on your tennis forehand. A good unit turn is critical for this.

In this video OTI Instructor Nadim Naser demonstrated early preparation on the forehand

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