Trager Video Series
The Trager Approach Developed by Doctor Milton Trager

The Trager video series comes from the teachings of Avi Bahat a Touch and Movement Therapy practitioner, please watch as Avi offers his expression of the Trager Massage Approach.  Avi Bahat practices and teaches in Israel and England. He is a certified Trager Approach practitioner and tutor, a qualified Paula Method Instructor, and studied Ida Rolf's structural integration.  Avi has also developed his own system that he has named the Bahat Method - Touch and Movement Therapy. 

Avi teaches us that with the Trager Approach both the practitioner and receiver learn to be aware of and save energy.  Many of us exert more force to move about during daily activities than is actually needed.  To accomplish this one only needs to allow themselves to feel the weight of their limbs.

The simplicity of the approach in practice allows both the receiver and practitioner to connect allowing a free flow of energy from and with each other.  To experience the weight of a limb the muscles must be relaxed.  This process of letting go of excess allows the brain and mind to be in a place of inaction at all times.

To find a certified Trager Practitioner in the US or to find out how to become a certified practitioner go to  To find a certified Trager practitioner out side the US or to find training programs in your country go to  Thank you for joining us at Get Massage Smart a mission to spread the benefits of Touch Therapy.

The purpose of this presentation is to offer everyone the opportunity to see the Trager Approach in action and what Doctor Milton Trager's teachings are about, watch him express what hook up means to him.  Dr. Trager goes on to introduce Mentastics to several individuals broadening our understanding of movement from Milton's perspective.  Next watch Avi show how he hook's up as he lets his mind and body connect to a presence of inaction. Then watch Avi prepare for a session, preform the session, and then conclude with "Mentastics" movement practice.   

Doctor Milton Trager
Teaches Hook Up in a Session of Mentastics

Hook UP with Avi Bahat

Trager Video Series
How the Practitioner Prepares for the Session

Reconnecting to Let Go, the Opening Question

Rocking and Jostling of the Ankle

Trager Video Series
Letting Go with the use of Big Movements

Avi presents Milton's idea of Playfulness

Twist to Both Sides Let go of Expectation

Forging a Connection Between the Upper and Lower Body

Trager Video Series
The Value of Rocking to help the body feel the expression of structure

Connecting the Back to the Plevis

Connecting to the Ground Through the Table

Mentastics after Table Work

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(1) Video

Uploaded on Dec 2, 2010

A clip from the 1 hour Trager® film - Mentastics® with Milton made in 1989. The segment explains Hookup, a core principle in the Trager Approach, in Dr. Trager's own words.

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(2-12) Video

Published on Dec 12, 2012

Avi Bahat Presents the Trager Approach:Mentastics = Mental gymnastics, we use it to enhance whatever feeling we want to have right now! The memory of feeling/sensations from the table work are great help, but we can also use imagination. Avi bahat demonstrate an after table work Mentastics

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