Upper Arm Muscles 2
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Upper Arm Muscles 2
Upper Extremity: Shoulder Girdle & Glenohumeral Joint 

Jennifer Smith Presents an Upper Extremity Review 
using GetBodySmart.com

Get Massage Smart offers Jennifer Smiths' presentation of the upper extremity as an educational YouTube video.  Jennifer moves quickly through the muscles and the action motion view is not always in sink with the narrative of the video.  Jennifer incorrectly indicates that the Brachialis inserts onto the coracoid process of the ulna rather than the coronoid process of the ulna which is the correct insertion point.  She uses the Get Body Smart web site tutorial with a screen capture program.  Get Massage Smart links to  the Get Body Smart Tutorials via the Muscle Chart of the Upper Extremity and also links directly with the quiz pages for the upper extremity.  Jennifer continues form the movers of the upper arm into the muscles of the forearm.    Get Massage Smart presents this video for its educational value and does not validate its accuracy.

Professor Kristina Lisk Presents
Upper Arm Muscles 2

Kistina Lisk an Instructor of Anatomy at the Humber College, Toledo; presents 3d Anatomical Video series of the upper extremity.   When Kristina Lisk discusses the Brachialis she seems to say that the muscle inserts on the Coracoid proccess of the Ulna if this is indeed the case she would have ment to say the Coronoid process of the Ulna & the Tuberosity of the Ulna.  Get Massage Smart presents these YouTube video's for their educational value.  Get Massage Smart does not validate their accuracy.

Professor Kristina Lisk Presents
The Rotator Cuff Muscles

Professor Kristina Lisk Presents
The Scapulothoracic Joint

Professor Kristina Lisk Presents
Anterior Thoracic Wall Muscles

Professor Nebil Ebraheim Presents
The Pectoral Muscle Anatomy

Get Massage Smart presents Dr. Nebil Ebraheim's muscle tutorials.  Dr. Ebraheim is a professor at the University of Toledo Medical Center.  Get Massage Smart does not validate the accuracy of this video.  Get Massage Smart is not associated with Dr. Ebraheim or the University of Toledo Medical Center.  We thank Dr. Ebraheim and the University of Toledo Medical Center for posting these educational videos.

Professor Nebil Ebraheim Presents
Anatomy of the Shoulder

Professor Nebil Ebraheim Presents
The Latissimus Dorsi Muscle

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