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Video Action Clavicle
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Video action clavicle, Get Massage Smart thanks 3D Anatomy Lyon for their educational excellence please see credits below.  The clavicle forms a joint at both of its two ends.  The medial end forms the sternoclavicular joint and the lateral end forms the acromioclavicular joint.  Each of these joints is considered a synovial joint by structural classification and a diarthrotic joint by functional classification.

The sternoclavicular joint is a double-plane synovial joint.  The sternal end of the clavicle articulates with the manubrium sterni and the first costal cartilage.  The joint capsule surrounds the joint and is attached to the margins of the articular surfaces.

The sternoclavicular joint is held in place by ligaments that facilitate the joints motions.  The anterior and posterior sternoclavicular ligaments reinforce the joint capsule from in front and from behind.  The intraclavicular joint extends from the sternal end of one clavicle to the sternal end of the other clavicle supporting it superiorly.  The costoclavicular ligament connects the inferior surface of the sternal end to the 1st rib and its costal cartilage.  

The acromioclavicular joint is a plane synovial joint.  The lateral end of the clavicle forms an articulation with the acromion process of the scapula.  The joint capsule in this case is relatively loose and is attached at the margin of the articular surfaces.  The superior and inferior ligaments reinforce the joint capsule while the integrity of the joint is maintained by the coracoclavicular ligament.  This ligament consists of two parts the conoid and the trapezoid.

The clavicle is a Latin term that refers to "little key" which describes its cylindrical shape that curves in a figurative s.  This is one of the most commonly broken bones in the human body.  For example when an individual places their arms forward to break a fall the force of impact is transferred directly into the clavicle.  A car accident is another common incident that can result in a fracture to the clavicle, as well as a tackle in football where a medial force is applied into the shoulder girdle.  

The Clavicle is one of two bones that anchor the pectoral girdle to the trunk.  The other bone is the scapula.  As mentioned above the clavicle forms two joints the acromioclavicluar joint with the acromion process of the scapula and the sternoclavicular joint with the sternum.  The sternum articulates with the ribs anteriorly while the ribs articulate with the thoracic vertebra posteriorly.  Use the next link below to continue to video action scapula.

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These videos are offered for their educational value and accuracy of mateiral is not validated by  The videos were published on YouTube on June 1,2014  by the YouTube channel 3D Anatomy Lyon.  Get Massage Smart thanks the Authors of these educational videos Patrice Thiriet and Jean-Michel Grand and for realization Olivier Rastello.  Video reference material was take from: J.M. Grand Master Thesis June 2, 2011 * M. Dufour et M Pillu; Biomecanique Functionnelle - Ed Masson 2008 * J.C. Chanussot et R. G. Danowski; Reeducation en traumatologie du sport - Tome 1 - Ed. Masson 2005 * A. I. Kapandji; Anatomic Funtionelle - Ed. Maloine. 

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