Video Action Scapula 2
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Video Action Scapula 2 the Pectoral Girdle Shoulder Complex
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Get Massage Smart thanks every individual involved on the 3D Anatomy Lyon projects, please see credits below.  As we continue to look at the pectoral shoulder complex we begin to expand our understanding of how structure influences functionality.  The focus of this first video is the full range of motion of the pectoral girdle and the multiple joint structures that allow for this range of motion.

For those of us that are soft tissue therapists and health care providers it has become our therapeutic challenge to understand that each individual will develop their own unique pathway to motion within the evolution of the shoulder unit.  Many have no doubt understood the enormous role that the scapulothoracic joint plays within the shoulders full range of motion.  The work of the 3D Anatomy Lyon team provides a look at the skeletal form in animated motion then additional video animations proceed to high light the functionality of the muscles.

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The Scapulothoracic Joint within the Shoulder Complex


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These videos are offered for their educational value and accuracy of mateiral is not validated by  The videos were published on YouTube on June 1,2014  by the YouTube channel 3D Anatomy Lyon.  Get Massage Smart thanks the Authors of these educational videos Patrice Thiriet and Jean-Michel Grand and for realization Olivier Rastello.  Video reference material was take from: J.M. Grand Master Thesis June 2, 2011 * M. Dufour et M Pillu; Biomecanique Functionnelle - Ed Masson 2008 * J.C. Chanussot et R. G. Danowski; Reeducation en traumatologie du sport - Tome 1 - Ed. Masson 2005 * A. I. Kapandji; Anatomic Funtionelle - Ed. Maloine. 

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