When ART Shines at a 75% plus success rates !
Tendinopathy & Fibrotic Adhesions

Article by S.Landers LMT posted March 20. 2016 Last Updated July 28. 2016

When ART shines among competitors at a 75% plus success rate, it is no wonder that international IRON Man and Tri-Athletes have been talking about it for the last 2 decades.  Active Release Technique from founder Dr. Leahy seems to provide amazingly consistent results for athletes and individuals suffering from plantar fasciitis, Achilles' tendonitis,  iliotibial tendon syndrome, patellar tracking issues and fibrotic adhesions.  In our modern world of intense athletic competition having any tool that can keep you at the top of your game can make all the difference.  When you are looking for your must have training program make over consider adding a skilled ART or Graston technique practitioner to the mix. 

When ART shines best as a standalone therapy it is often performed by chiropractors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists and other soft tissue therapists.  In addition many training programs have incorporated this growing modality with other active forms of therapy such as active resistance training, active isolated stretching, stretch zone and other dynamic forms of exercise.  Active release is a heavy weight therapy for those individuals suffering chronic and acute tendinitis syndromes. 

Top practitioners seem to come from the US,  Japan, Canada and Australia and is growing in popularity in Norway, New Zealand, Great Britain, Germany, Russia and France.  Advanced health care professionals from all over the world are learning that manual therapy can make a difference.  When it comes to soft tissue injury repair and recovery sooner is often better than later to begin manual techniques. 

Dr. Leahy a chiropractic physician has developed a protocol that includes an extensive soft tissue examination followed by a well-planned out treatment protocol.  This method of massage therapy may not be for everybody.  When treating an acute or sub-acute trauma the individual being treated may experience a moderate level of pain as the injured tissue is worked to help guide the body's injury repair processes.  An individual that lives to compete may be more willing to undergo a session of Active Release Technique as they are pressed to return to competition.   

This modality splashed on to the scene with multi-sportsmen such as IRON MAN and tri-athletes back in the mid 90's.  Today a growing number of golfers, tennis stars as well as baseball & basketball stars are singing praise to Dr. Leahy's methods of sports injury recovery.   The sports community results often speak for themselves.

It is still important to point out that many of the ART research studies conducted so far have yielded inconclusive results.  In an age of social media and international spontaneity perception seems to overrule the scientific process.  It is still hard to argue with the modalities global success.  Today we find self-care methods modified from active release technique and active isolated stretching offered up to the everyday active individual. 

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