What is Aston Patterning?

Aston Patterning is the brainchild of Judith Aston.  She began studying dance and movement in the early 60's and grew into bodywork, movement therapy and fitness in the late 1960's into the 70's.  Judith compiled and began teaching Aston Patterning in 1971 and trademarked this educational process in 1977.  This holistic therapy provides a comprehensive outlook on the body and being wellness.

Judith Aston instructs health professionals in massage based myo-fascial techniques, Aston patterning (movement education), ergonomics, fitness forms, exercise applications for rehab and offers a certification program.  This program entails 81 days of workshops, held in 6 two week segments that are scheduled over a 30 month period.   

The massage is a specialized form based on myo-fascial release with a classic or Swedish massage foundation.  The developed techniques within Judith Aston's bodywork are designed to release functional holding patterns.  Judith talks about how muscle tension can be held within the muscle structure and maintained by the nervous system, but has not yet created a physical change within the connective tissues.  These are the holding patterns that can be manipulated and changed to create better comfort within the individual's physical form.

Bodywork is utilized to open up opportunities for new movement characteristics of each individual.  Certified practitioners have studied with Judith Aston and certified Aston Kinetic instructors, learning myokinetics and arthrokinetics.  Myokinetics is a myo-fascial structural release technique that helps change deeply embedded structural holding patterns.  Arhtrokinetics on the other hand, works with holding patterns that involve joint surfaces which can include ligaments as well as muscle tendons.

Practitioners learn how to assist their clients in moving their own bodies in ways that release tension accumulated throughout the day.  The emphasis is on developing movement patterns that translate to ease and efficiency.  Clients learn how to break down complex series of movements found within sports, musical arts, work loads and activities of daily living.

Massage clients and massage school students have found "Moving Beyond Posture" by Judith Aston very enlightening.  Professionals will find  amazing insight into the reality of how we move on the earth as well as mindful movement instruction to optimize posture and function.

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Aston Patterning:  Is It Really Ok to Sit While you Work?
In a World Gone Bonkers over the Standing Office

The best way to understand the simplicity and complete comprehension that Judith Aston has concerning the human body is to listen to her talk about the best sitting postures for daily living.  Judith reminds us that it is "how you do what you do that makes all the difference".  Mobilization is the way to release tension and maintain comfort.

As we listen to Judith tell us more about sitting posture we begin to understand how ergonomic training can help everyone understand how the environment affects the body's alignment.  In the above video Judith talks about her concept of tension in the body: "where stillness meets motion creates friction".  She goes on to explain how these rigidly held patterns, transition from misuse of beneficial movement to abuse to joints, ligaments and tendons.

The purpose of this step-by-step manual is to provide movement, massage, and physical therapists with an approach to evaluate adult clients for alignment, dimension, and compensation.

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Judith Aston
A Greater Understanding of Posture

Judith Aston
A Greater Understanding of Stretch

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