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Staff Article Posted October 15, 2014 Last Updated March 11, 2016

The benefits of massage therapy have been evident across time and history.  Yet in modern day times science has been slow to rise to the challenge.  Fortunately for us, the day has come when the trickle of massage studies dating back to the early 1980's has become an onslaught of relevant research in the 21st century.  It is finally fair to say that Massage Therapy's Day in the spotlight has finally come. 

The most significant number of research studies has focused on low back pain and massage.  Some may say that the studies are inconsistent and that the body of evidence is not clear enough to proclaim the large lists of benefits of massage as validated by solid data. (2,5)   It is true, there are inconsistencies from study to study and some studies as early as the late 1980's were not performed with the best of care.  Yet, upon peer review today in 2014 it becomes very clear that the benefits of massage are significant enough to declare that for certain concerns, a massage should be scheduled as soon as conceivably possible.

It has been reported by several studies and by Time Magazine that 2 of every 10 individuals will traverse their lives without ever experiencing low back pain.  Translation, 8 of every ten people will eventually experience low back pain and many will have several occurrences' within their lifetime.  The best news is that massage therapy can help. (5)

Massage feels good to the vast majority of individuals that have chosen to indulge themselves with the services of a massage therapist.  Today we have multiple studies that conclude in the verification of the therapeutic value of massage.  A recent study in 2014 has shown that massage after mild to moderate exertion can consistently reduce soreness and improve blood flow. (4) 

Sleep we all need it and our busy, hyper-stimulated lives often leave us lying wide awake in bed with our minds racing.  Regular weekly massage sessions can help individuals suffering with insomnia fall asleep without medication. (1)  A study conducted at the Miami's Touch Research Institute concluded that massage can help produce a deep sleep, allowing for a full sleep cycle resulting in restorative rest.

Mental alertness was tested in 1996 by the Touch Research Institute and it was found that individuals who received a chair massage improved their ability to solve mathematical problems when tested before and after the massage. (3)  The control group was told to sit in a comfortable chair and relax for the same period of time before given their second set of math problems.   The benefits of massage can support mental alertness.

As we move forward with our understanding of the enormous value good quality health choices can make within our lives.  We make a conscious decision to take personal control of our own health.  Massage may not be for everyone, it is often a personal preference.  Today we know that massage offers enormous health benefits to anyone.

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