Connecticut Massage Requirements

Connecticut massage requirements establish the educational and examination requirements for an individual to become a massage therapist in the state.  In Connecticut individuals who practice massage therapy are considered Licensed Massage Therapists and must graduate from an approved  school and pass an approved examination. 

Connecticut requires 24 continuing education credits every four years.  The following information is offered as an assistance to those considering a career as a massage therapist.  The information should be verified by consulting the Connecticut Massage Therapist Licensure office of the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

Connecticut Massage Requirements

Connecticut Regulatory Board

Connecticut Department of Public Health
Massage Therapy Licensure

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Application $375.00

Renewal $250.00

Education requirements:

500 hours from an accredited school



CEU requirements:

24 hours every 4 years

Page last Updated June 16, 2015

Please contact the Connecticut Department of Public Health for current Examination requirements for Massage Therapist Licensure in Connecticut. 

The National Certification Examination for Licensure is no longer offered as of November 1, 2014 and National Certification will no longer be offered as of December 31, 2016.  Those who are Nationally Certified will need to upgrade their Certification to Board Certified. Please go to for further information on Board Certification. 

Definitions Resource for Connecticut Massage Requirements

Excerpt from the CONNECTICUT GENERAL STATUTES Chapter 384a Massage Therapists

Sec. 20-206a. Definitions. As used in subsection (c) of section 19a-14 and sections 20-206a to 20-206f,

inclusive, and Section 3 of Public Act 07-35:

As used in subsection (c) of section 19a-14, and sections 20-206a to 20-206g, inclusive:

(a) "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Public Health.

(b) "Department" means the Department of Public Health.

(c) "Massage therapist" means a person who has been licensed to practice massage therapy under the

provisions of sections 20-206a to 20-206f, inclusive.

(d) "Massage therapy" means the systematic and scientific manipulation and treatment of the soft tissues

of the body, by use of pressure, friction, stroking, percussion, kneading, vibration by manual or

mechanical means, range of motion and nonspecific stretching. Massage therapy may include the use of

oil, ice, hot and cold packs, tub, shower, steam, dry heat, or cabinet baths, for the purpose of, but not

limited to, maintaining good health and establishing and maintaining good physical and mental condition.

Massage therapy does not encompass (1) diagnosis, the prescribing of drugs or medicines, spinal or other

joint manipulations, (2) any service or procedure for which a license to practice medicine, chiropractic,

natureopathy, physical therapy, or podiatry is required by law, or (3) Thai yoga practiced by a person who

is registered as a yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance Registry and has completed two hundred hours of

training in Thai yoga.

(e) "Massage" shall have the same meaning as "massage therapy", as defined in subsection (d) of this


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