Dissection Lab for Massage Therapists

Dissection Lab for Massage Therapists is a list of Cadaver and dissection courses, workshops and seminars that allow massage therapists to enroll.  Some are specifically designed for massage therapists.  In addition we have added a list of Massage Schools that include a cadaver anatomy lab.  If you know of more please let us know, so we can add them to our list.

A list of Links to Cadaver & Dissection Labs
For Manual Therapists and Health Care Students

The Art and Science of Kenisiology:

Cadaver Dissection Workshop by Joe  Muscolino

Hands on Dissection Workshops:

by Gil Hedley dedicated to exploring Inner Space

Full Body Dissection Seminar:

by Kent Health Systems

Dissection Courses:

by Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment Inc.

Fascial Dissection Lab:

by Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains

Cadaver Class at Texas State:

with Marc Frazier

Dissection Lab for Massage Therapists

Massage Therapy Programs that Include Dissection

Anatomy Lab

"The NUHS Gross Anatomy Lab offers the same features found in top caliber medical school labs across the country. Emphasis on hands-on human dissection for anatomy training has always been a hallmark of the curricula, which is why students in all programs learn anatomy in this clean and modern facility."

National Holistic Institute
A College of Massage Therapy

Cadaver Lab Experience

"Cadaver Lab experience has been described by students as extremely eye opening. Seeing the body in a three dimensional sense allows them to have a much firmer understanding of muscles in relationship to surrounding structures such as the organs and the skeletal system they envelop. This approach to learning about the body is highly engaging for our students. They get to actually see the layers of muscles and the relationship of connective tissues layers within the body."

Northwest Academy for The Healing Arts

Gross Anatomy Lab

"Gain a detailed understanding of the human body through human cadaver dissection. This course will allow students to refine their anatomy knowledge and palpatory skills through a guided dissection of the human body. This is course is divided into four six hour weekend workshops to be held at Bastyr University."

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