Massage Marketing Tips
for the Best Massage Therapy Practice

Offer an Inclusive Incentive!

Staff Post 11/25/2017

WOW the Holidays are here and its a Wonderful Time to Offer an Inclusive Incentive.  This works upon the bundling philosophy that we have grown accustom.  For those of you who have spent time developing followers and likes.  Consider offering a two for one reflexology or foot massage session to any one who likes you on Facebook and of course their BFF.  If you have a bigger twitter following, try out a spontaneous raffle on Twitter where everyone who retweets you is entered into a raffle for a special package or $ dollar value gift card.  This works best if the winner is ID within 12 to 24 hours.    

Do you Call Your Clients?

Staff Tip Posted 7/12/17

It has been a while since our last post.  Its all to easy to get busy with teaching (it is a renewal year for us) and our personal practices and we forget to write something new.  Which reminded us that it is all to easy to forget to give a new client a call within the first 24 to 48 hours after their session, and to call a client who has not been in for a while to see how they are doing.

It does not even matter how long it has been, even years.  If you are the kind of therapist who loves massage then it comes across to your clients and they would love to hear from you.  If you set aside one day a month to call those clients that have not been around for a while, it will pay off in new bookings. 

If you are not calling your new clients to welcome them to your practice you are really missing out.  The thing about marketing as a massage therapist is that 80% of your next weeks appointments are on your table today.  The thing to do if they are new is to give them a call, welcome them to the practice and give them a small incentive to reschedule with you within the next two weeks. 

If you took the time to go through your client files and call a client who has not been in for a while and they came back in, treat them like a new client and give them that welcome call with small incentive to book again within the next two weeks.  They can get tied up with their daily lives just like all of us.  Given a gentle push with a nice financial incentive they are often more than willing to get back into a weekly or bi-weekly massage routine.

One last thing for this tip, and do we even have to say it!  When a potential new client calls or emails you with a question call them back the same day!  At the very least the next day.  We understand that many therapists today work without the support of a receptionist.  Make it a daily habit to return calls and emails.

Booking Online Free Forever if you sign up Now

Staff Tip posted 3/18/17 ranks well on Capterra, receiving a good number of 5 out of 5 star reviews.  Nicola says, "At last, salon software that actually works!! Thank you for revolutionising my salon business with your fantastic booking software. I am using it now for the past 2 months and have found it incredible."  The sun is setting on the use of the the pen and printed weekly calendar for scheduling massage appointments.

Some of you may still be afraid to make the jump from paper to "the cloud". Reading many, many reviews and comparing plans and prices can make anyone want to just skip it all.  Finding Shedul can be a game changer for the the solo or group massage practice. Start off small, by using both a book and Shedul. When your more comfortable, began to use Shedul solely. It's THAT easy. It's time to be free from having to carry and keep a hard copy. You can log in on any device.  So, if you are afraid...don't be.

Shedul is free forever if you sign up during their Beta testing, but will not be free at some point.  So, if free is important to you sign up now.  Setmore and Massage Book both have free options, but the cool thing about signing up for Shedul now is that you can get all the upgrades for free as the platform continues to grow and improve.

Build a Professional Web Site Now
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Solo Build It!

Why Do we have to Take a Course on Ethics Every Renewal?

Staff Tip Posted 3/7/17

And more to the point how can a course on Ethics help us make more money?  Wealth, how do you define it?  Does it churn up a little anxiety, do you feel just a little unsettled when you think about it?  If you answer yes,  your being honest with yourself and your not alone. 

If you answered no, then you probably have been in business for a while now.  Even though you have been around the block a few times this post still might surprise you.  Its easy as massage therapists to get into a routine and feel comfortable with seeing the same 20 to 50 clients every month.  You probably believe that your taking care of business.

"You are always on time for your clients and you provide a professional therapeutic massage, at the end of which you never forget to ask them to reschedule with calm energy and a pleasant smile.  Sigh, and most of your clients do, every time you ask."   

If on the other hand you said yes to the question on Wealth, no worries, it takes time to get to know just who you are as a health care provider, therapist, manual therapist, practitioner and healer.  The list could be much longer.  Do any of these descriptions often used within our industry feel right to you?  Or do they all feel wrong!

How about entrepreneur, business owner, marketer, sales person, or simply health care provider.  Even if you are a solo practitioner, it is time to think about yourself as a business owner who markets your skill set to individuals that need your services.  How do we get to the place where wealth and massage therapist make sense in the same sentence.

If your not there yet that's normal.  Our industry has changed a lot over the last 20 years.  Some for the better and for some therapists the increase supply, as well as demand has decreased their average hourly income.  That brings me back to Ethics.

How can ethics help us be better massage therapists, entrepreneurs and health care providers?  Ethics reminds most of us why we choose to become therapists in the first place and a well written article or course on Ethics helps us remember that we must set boundaries.  These boundaries will help us grow within our personal and professional lives.

Ethics also remind us to be consistent, set regular hours, be available on time for our appointments and honor the therapeutic time set for table work.  Ethics and boundaries are the foundation for forging a grounded sense of self and self worth.  Yet, the concept of ethical behavior also reminds us not to get to close to our clients while never over looking the need to be aware of them as unique individuals.  

Ethical behavior will help you to navigate the changing nature of the massage industry.  Do we provide luxury for the well to do, body awareness & health education for the masses or are we still on the fringe of acceptability on either end of the spectrum.  We are both able to provide a luxurious beneficial experience and a healing experience, while maintaining sound ethical and professional practices. 

As local economies shift form time to time it can be very beneficial to remember that massage therapy is for everyone and provides real science based benefits for individuals suffering with stress, body inflammation and pain.  There can never be to many massage therapists or business entities that offer massage.  To stay on top remember to take a new view of Ethics each and every license renewal period.

Make your Marketing Partners Heroes to Their Clientele

Staff Tip Posted 2/28/17

Who you may ask, are your marketing partners?  Those businesses and individuals that you have developed as members of your referral marketing plan.  In this case you may want to focus initially on your contacts that have business operations within 5 square miles of your practice.

So the goal of this tip is to get other businesses to market with you by offering them a real value that they can give to their clientele as a thank you for doing business with them.  In essence making them standout to their own business following is good business for them and great business for you.

How do you give your marketing partners a real value to pass along to their customers?  By providing your marketing partners with a promotional coupon that offers real cash value and not just a percentage discount. The key to success with this marketing tip is to make the business that you are working with look like the "Hero", in other words the coupon will look like they went out and got you to agree to give their customers $5, $10, $15, or even $20 dollars off your selected massage service.  

The dollars off a massage service coupon must have their name as the dominant business logo at the top of the coupon.   The heading of the coupon could look similar to the follow example.

For example:  "Your Best Dry Cleaners would like to thank you for your business.  We feel the best way to do this is to give you something in return!" 

Then your business logo comes next with a statement like: "Here it is! The Best Massage in Town LLC offers the Customers of Your Best Dry Cleaners $20 off a one hour Swedish Massage."

The coupon layout must also include your business address, phone number, email and or website information.

This marketing promotion works well with any kind of business.  Accountants, Dentists, PT's, Dog groomers, Dog walkers, Restaurants, Fitness Clubs, Personal Trainers, Small Markets, Nail salons, Hair Salons, and any other type of  business you can think of.  They key is to keep the business locations close by your office or within your out call area and to make it look like their idea.  

You have to call or drop by with an example of the coupon to the businesses you want to work with and talk to their owners or managers.  A little leg work will be required to make this program come together.  Once you have the business owner hooked you will want to give them the coupons to give out to their customers.

You may also want to ask if a digital printable version of the coupon can be posted on their website.  And to make the circle complete make sure you offer to post a printable version of the coupon on your website.  The actual coupon should include this info if both parties are providing a digital version of the coupon.

You can have this available to first time clients to "The Best Massage in Town LLC" if you are giving a big discount or, as an on going offer at anytime if offering a smaller discount.  You can decide if you need proof when using digital coupons that they are actually customers of "Your Best Dry Cleaners".  They may have to bring in a sales receipt with the printed coupon or smart phone coupon for example.

Start Your  Online Massage Therapy Business

Staff Post 12/22/16 heading is SBI link

It can never be said too often, you must have a plan for your massage therapy business.  Write down your goals and objectives, then refine them until they a clear and actionable.  Sometimes we need help understanding the difference between a goal and an objective.

A goal is a broader statement.  It incorporates your overall view of what your business is to you. A goal may include elements of your mission statement.

An objective on the other hand, is an actionable and measurable representation of your goals.  Every goal should have several objectives that establish how you intended to achieve your goal. And just as important, a time line as to when you will accomplish the set goal.  

More about Online Scheduling Options

Staff Post 9/3/16

Below is a post on online scheduling and payment options in which we gave a thumbs up to as they have an always free scheduling option.  We still have a good opinion of  In addition, we would like to point out that Massage Book provides its members with a free marketing, scheduling and payment solution, check out their free basic plan .

Massagebook's free basic package provides intake forms and soap notes that keep you on track with client care and treatment plans.  The free package allows an individual to provide online scheduling, payment, a useful directory listing, viability index, works on mobile devices, provides an engine for reviews, SEQ rank booster and send email reminders. They also provide a free web page.  Watch the video to see all that Massage Book can do for you.

Massage Marketing Tips
# 1 Have a Plan
Visualize Your Therapist Web Site Business Strategy

Staff Post 6/25/16

Massage Schools could do a better job preparing students for the Massage Therapy Industry.  Yes More People are Choosing Massage Therapy!  There is an explosion in the number of licensed professional massage therapists.  The average cost of a massage has dropped drastically over the last 5 to 10 years.

People with money really want to spend it!  Yes there is a balance point.  Social Media has driven down the price of a Spa service.  An increase in immigration has increased the number of low priced reflexology establishments opening up all over the US and Western Europe.  As well as the number of Asian Spas that offer more than a professional massage.  Supply and Demand drives pricing.   Supply and Demand where is the tipping point? How can you stay on the profitable side of social media marketing?

As a Massage Therapy Student or Professional ask yourself?  Do I want a job as a massage therapist, a career as a massage therapist or a business in the massage therapy industry that keeps up with the latest trends and provides clients with therapy solutions?

If your answer is job than Massage Envy or Hand and Stone, which are massage therapy & Spa services chains, may be the best option for you.  As educators we believe that they can be a great place to start out after graduation.  If you want a career than you may be looking for a high end Medical office, Chiropractor's office, Medical Spa, Resort Spa or Salon & Spa.

If your answer is a business in the massage therapy industry than you will need to spend some time strategizing and planning.  Massage is a service industry.  One of the biggest decisions you will make while creating a business plan is which end of the massage industry spectrum you will want to align yourself with.  The medical industry end of the spectrum or the beauty industry end of the spectrum. 

Today we also have the mid ground with Medical Spas and the Health and Fitness industry.  You may also decide that you want to cater to the massage chair client.  They can be a little different in their likes than those who prefer a table massage.

With all of these diverse massage therapy opportunities the hardest thing a new massage entrepreneur has to accomplish is to define their mission select a small niche within the greater massage therapy industry and stick to it!  Yes you have to be able to visualize your business.  You can combine other things with massage, but it must be the right balance.  Lymphatic massage within a Medical Spa which caters to cosmetic esthetics for example.

Sports massage, personal training and a fitness center can be a winning combination.  Limit your modalities and know who you are as a massage therapist and a massage therapy business owner.  Finding which direction your massage therapy passion will take you, may take some time to get a handle on.

Think marathon rather than a sprint.  The turtle wins the race and knowing what kind of massage therapy industry business you want to build before you begin planning and strategizing wins the day.  Once you know the specific type your massage business will be you have found what we will call your sweet spot.

So What Comes Next:

  • Create a Mission Statement it is best if it is no more than two or three sentences long one is best
  • Own your Content Marketing Channel do not rent, own your own domain name do not rely only on social media channels
  • Set your Service Sales Goals, Savings Goals and Loyalty Retention Goals
  • Know why you are choosing your marketing media channel: Pod Cast, Video, Blog, or Articles and Create Authoritative Content around a Defined Set of Therapy Services
  • Build an Action Influencer List: What needs do your therapy services resolve
  • Build a Therapist Web Site with a Content Strategy that contains Action Influencers Wrapped into the Authoritative pod casts, video's, slide shares, blogs or articles 

Positive Promotional Marketing with SMS
Fill in an open time slot with right now offers

Staff Post 6/22/16

Collecting Phone Numbers is one of the easiest ways of keeping in touch with your clients!  These days clients are accustom to receiving promotional text messages.  It is time for you to take advantage of this option.  The key is to not over do it.  Clients like to be aware, but not annoyed.  Have an open appointment or last minute cancellation, let you cliental know by offering a discount on an appoint scheduled today for that afternoon.  You can even send out voice mail blasts to clients, offering specials or simply thanking them for being clients.

You Want to Make Money and Still Care About Your Clients!

Staff Post 5/18/16

Let's get this bad idea out in the open right now!  Many massage students are drawn to the industry because they see themselves as caring individuals.  We have no doubt that you are!  Do not make this mistake.  Your prices do not reflect your level of caring.  They reflect your level of skill, personal demand and professionalism. 

Never forget that massage therapy offers real solutions to clients' needs, the need to be pain free, the need to be stress free and therefore the need to relax.  The best way to care for your clients is to care for yourself.  Under charging for your services requires that you over work your own body.  Find the right balance for yourself. 

Caring has nothing to do with finances.  Clearly we realize that we can all make money in life and still care about other individuals.  Do not fall into the trap of believing that charging less shows that you care more.  You always have the option of series packages, rewards for 5 to 10 massage or more and if the need arises a lowered pay scale for those who can show they are truly in need and unable to pay your regular fees.  Please be very careful with offering anyone an on going discounted price for your massage.

Remember what you charge for: your skill, education & continued education, your appropriate energy level to perform an exceptional therapeutic massage, your professionalism and your time away from your family.

When and How is it ok to Give away a Free Massage?

Staff Post 4/26/2016

In our article on building a referral network , we talked about how building a referral network was the most reliable way to build a massage practice.  In the tradition of all the ancient cultural healers that have gone before we practice our profession. Many massage therapists tend to think of themselves as, therapists or technicians, because this is the designation that their license has provided for them.  As an extension of this label we often box our ideal of ourselves into a structured category within the health care community.

Although working within the greater health care community is a blessing, the constraints of this thinking have far greater consequences.  We are an extraordinary group of individuals as massage professionals.  Let's let that expand within your awareness for a moment.  You are a Professional that offers a complete healing service.  Let the light shine brightly on the ability of massage to reduce stress, provide relaxation, relieve pain and help individuals rehab from injury.  

Take the time to read the advertising copy you find promoting Lawyers, MD's, Chiropractors, or Personal Trainers.  Have they ever indicate that you need to consult with some other professional before you make an appointment with them?  No they don't, they are professionals who provide a complete service to the community.

As an individual, take the time to do things within your community knowing that you are a professional.  As you do things within your community you will have the opportunity to interact with, listen to and speak with other individuals who are living their lives within the same community.  Make an appointment to get a pedicure or manicure, the conversation provides an opportunity to offer a 50% discount on a massage for a referral and a free massage for two referrals.

The 50% off allows them to gain a reward for the first person referred.  After they have gotten in the habit of referring you clients, then receiving an amazing massage for 50% off, they may just wait to come see you every second referral for that free massage.  Just imagine the possibilities that this ongoing exchange can produce.  Know that this arrangement requires an ongoing relationship with the nail salon owner or technician you first made contact with.  Every time a referral comes in to see you, you will need to call and offer an appointment at half off or for free.   

Know also that everyone within your sphere of experience wants to help you succeed.  Why, very simply because they want to succeed and feel successful.  Pay attention, be aware, listen and let them help you.  You may have to take a moment to talk a little less and listen and hear what is being said a bit more. 

On the other end of that spectrum you may have to open up and say something, anything about massage.  Remember that your profession helps to solve issues for people.  Every person needs a massage either for stress relief, relaxation, pain relief or to rehabilitate an injury.  If you listen, they often will mention that they feel stressed, need to relax or are in pain. 

Build a Professional Web Site Now
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Why ABMP is a Great Choice for Membership!

Staff Post 1/28/2016

In our Build Your Own Therapist Website is this a project I need or should undertake article, we talked about national organizations that offer their members free website hosting.  Our goal today is to talk more about the demands of marketing yourself or group practice.  If you are a team member of a professional massage clinic, spa, salon & spa or medical practice this tip is still for you. 

Associated Massage and Bodywork Professionals is a national organization that offers free hosting package with unlimited pages to their members.  They offer a good selection of site templates and the ability to upload your own HTML pages.  There is an over abundance of online scheduling software and business application software.  Many of them are outstanding products.   We always point out that any individual or business group should do their research to find the best products for their specific needs.

Membership in AMBP is something any group practice that offers massage therapy may want to seriously consider.  A large professional organization may already have their own professionally built website.  You can upload your own html pages to the free AMBP website highlighting the massage therapist biography and link to your own site from this free site increasing your internet exposure and increasing links and site rankings for your own professional site.  Buy uploading your own pages the massage therapist biography page can have the same look and feel as the group practices existing website. 

Below is a post on online scheduling and payment options in which we gave a thumbs up to as they have an always free scheduling option.  We still have a good opinion of  In addition, we would like to point out that the AMBP has partnered with to provide its members with a free for AMBP members online marketing, scheduling and payment solution.   AMBP members receive their additional premium features free and receive a discount on their upgraded marketing system and multi-member clinical plans.

The best part about is that you do not need to be a member of AMBP to utilize their free basic package or upgrade to their full service marketing or multi-member clinical plans.  Massagebook's free basic package provides intake forms and soap notes that keep you on track with client care and treatment plans.  The free package allows an individual to provide online scheduling, payment, a useful directory listing, viability index, works on mobile devices, provides a review engine, SEQ rank booster and send email reminders.

You may be asking what does an AMBP member receive with their free premium upgrade?  AMBP members have an added advantage of auto sending text message reminders, as well as the use of Facebook integration, Facebook share generator and their new client photo wizard.  The photo option really helps with client recognition and recall for any therapist. 

Sometimes It is All About the Review

Staff Post 11/20/15

We all read them.  Client testimonials or reviews are influential.  A positive statement about your office and massage services can make all the difference to the online community.  Yelp and Google Local are capable of impacting your business in a profound way.

Yelp offers a link to your web site.  Positive reviews on Yelp can lead to a click on your web site link.  It's hard to give up a monetary gratuity.  Money in hand can be spent today.  Give this a try for a couple of weeks ask each client to go to your web site, Yelp or Google Local and post a review.  Let them know that telling others how happy they are to have received a massage at your clinic is the best possible tip that you could receive.  Let your clients Know that a review on your web site is a tip that keeps giving day after day.

Have a tablet ready to let them have a seat in your office, if they have the time and make an entry today! 

Online Scheduling Absolutely & A Pay Now Button Advantageous

staff Post 6/19/2015

If you are going to market yourself online with your own website it only makes sense to have online booking.  We did a little research to see which booking managers are hitting their market with ease of use, cost & re-bookings.  The key to re-booking is to ask for it when you have a client in front of you. 

We have also found that having a tablet in the reception that allows direct access to your web site and booking page is an amazing plus.  Not only allowing your clients to rebook themselves, but it should allow them to send out the referral information right then when they're thinking so and so could really use your services.  Let them know that new client referrals are the best possible tips!

Get Massage Smart is not an Affiliate of, but we really like how much it costs "Free", they do offer paid upgrades.  The base line free app, is all most of you therapists with individual practices will ever need.

We were going to list several scheduling apps in this post.  After careful consideration, it seemed more beneficial to simply list our top pick and the one that we all use on our own sites. 

We like because this app is really easy to use both for the individual therapist, group office and multi-service provider. 

It is really simple for the client or patient and best of all it allows them to pay when they schedule, if you want to allow them to pay upfront.  Pay when you schedule is an absolute for mobile service providers and a real convenience for in office appointments.  It is best to take the time to research several schedule managers to find the service that best fits your practice's needs.

Today you may just need to Bite the Bullet and Use Paid Marketing Services to Boost Your Clientele

Staff Post 5/1/15

It may not require an ongoing commitment and the required fees must be met without putting a strain on personal finances.  Many services will provide a free trial.  Some trial periods may be as long as 6 months look for the longest trial periods possible.  Depending on where you have your massage practice, you may find local marketing services that will also assist with mailed flyers and coupon offerings within a 5 to 20 mile radius of your office. offers free listings for businesses and has reasonable fees for paid services that can really make a difference in your on line presence.  It is usually best to have a website, but is not necessary for a listing with them.  You can upload your on Pictures and connect to an online scheduling service if you use one. is another service that offers a free listing period of 6 months to get you started.  A health care oriented directory, you do not need to have a website to benefit from their services, it is still the best way to help you stand out from the crowd of therapists in your area.  If there is no crowd. then it may be all you need.

 78% of Your Next Week Clients are on Your Massage Table Today 

Staff Tip Posted 4/11/15

The bottom line is now and has always been that a firm sense of self is crucial to success as an independent massage therapist practitioner either in a solo establishment or a shared group office.  The next best booked massage appointment is going to come from the individual on your table right now!  It may be time to face your fear of rejection.

You must ask them to book for next week today.  They may say they need to check their schedule and will call or book online.  That's ok, you asked for the next appointment.  They may wait three to four weeks or more before they schedule again, even so ask for the next appointment as you concluded their session

It may take a client several irregularly scheduled massage appointments booked with you before the feel comfortable booking on a weekly or bi-monthly schedule.  Ask politely every time you see them.  Given the opportunity to book now they are 84% more likely to book with you again. Even if the booking comes 6 months later. 

Therapist Industry Trade Secret
Care for your Clients in Exceptional Ways!

 Staff Tip posted 1/11/15

 The Client is always right!  Wait a minute everyone knows that.  Sure you have heard this one before.  Massage clients are easy to please, but just how do you know if their first massage session has satisfied their needs. Delivered to them the benefits of massage they are looking to experience.  The best way to find out is to offer them a return service discount.  A freebie add on service of their choice if they book a return appointment today.

Such as additional 15 minute foot massage with their next visit or free stone massage upgrade.  Some clients depending on the type of therapeutic practice may enjoy a 20 minute stretch at the end of their session.  Be creative and design the bonus around the feel and style of your practice.

Your website allows you to care for your client in exceptional ways.  Let your web site offer patients/clients the opportunity to pass their excitement along to family and friends.  By giving them a new client discount coupon that passes along a free 30 minute session for the referrer.  If you feel really generous you can allow the free sessions to be combined.

It takes less money and less effort to provide the added incentives to encourage clients to return than it did to get them through the door and onto the massage table in the first place.  The best delivery is to simply state the new client offerings once and let them follow through from there.  "We offer new clients an additional 15 minutes for booking a massage today"; this gives them the opportunity to follow through with an additional booking. 

This statement is best delivered just be for you, exit their first session with you or as you complete their payment for the massage treatment.  If you deliver this information to early before you begin a session or during they may not remember the incentive on the way out.  If you feel comfortable with stating the offering twice you can mention it early and as you check them out remind them that you have a new client offering. 

Are you a bit uncomfortable using High Pressure Marketing Tactics?

Staff Tip Posted January 8, 2015

Why use marketing techniques that feel uncomfortable?  If you are uncomfortable your client or potential client is going to feel the same sense of discomfort.  Use only the methods that you feel support your clients, patients or yourself. 

In this industry, it is only natural that as a therapist and business owner, you will be selling yourself as you perform the actual service that is provided.  Our societal moral compasses place a big "?" mark on the image of self-promotion. 

We also must deal with gender bias.  What is meant by this?  You may be thinking we are talking about individuals who prefer to receive bodywork services from either a male or a female therapist.  Yes that is certainly part of the equation.  The other side of the gender bias coin is fundamentally self-promotion.   

Yes we have come a long way baby.  As a female or male massage practice owner it would be short sighted to ignore our fundamental social nature.  Knowledge is power understanding how and why individuals of both genders are motivated is a key piece of the marketing puzzle.   

As an apparently free society, Americans are seen to indulge themselves as often as conceivably possible.  Social Studies present a broader Statistical image.  The male gender is still placed on top of the pyramid as a provider and the female gender is still faced with the role as nurturer.   

Yet what the studies show is that a woman is more likely to book a massage than a man simply because it feels good.  Men tend to require services as part of a health care or medical service necessity. 

Our Idea of self-indulgence tends to create the image that the young, ages roughly 25 to 45 are swarming to receive salon and spa services.  The stats indicate that the majority of spa clientele are between the ages of 35 to 75.  The eye opener is that mature Americans are beginning to top the list in volume of services booked.

According to an AMTA consumer study older Americans between the ages 55 to 64 have doubled their use of massage over the last decade and those 65 and older have nearly tripled their massage bookings.  Men in the Baby Boomer Set are finding their way to a therapeutic clinic or spa. 

What does a therapist building their own practice need to understand?  Bodywork or Massage is a service that provides a solution to a need.  The greatest number of massage clients tend to be women.  Men tend to find massage to fill a health or sports related need.  Men are most likely to find massage through wives or other men, as the result of sports, culture, or career. 

Market to solving the problem a client has convinced themselves they have.  Such as too much stress, social or cultural exchange, medical issue, sports enhancement, general health and wellness. 

Are You Marketing Yourself or Your Ability to Solve a Real Problem?

Staff Tip updated 12/17/2014

Here are the best massage marketing tips.  It is very easy to see yourself as the asset or commodity that you are marketing as a massage therapist.  It may be logical and rational and absolutely true, but it is not the key to successful massage marketing.  There are way too many massage therapists for the 23% to 28% of the population that have ever had a professional massage from a licensed massage professional.  Since most massage therapists are not ego oriented, high power marketers, this is good news.

Why? Because it is the benefits that the client will receive from the massage that will be the focus of your marketing efforts.  By placing the attention on the true product that you have to offer, you can take a half step back from the pressures of marketing yourself.  If you work with a group of skilled therapists then you can market your skill sets collectively and with less need to be individually competitive. 

It is impossible to be everything to every person in your life!  The same is true of massage.  You cannot be everything to every type of massage client.  What do you do? Focus on your well developed and by now well-defined skill set.  So if you love the spa environment, then consider marketing to that group of massage clients.  If you love working with athletes then go for the sports massage benefit mind set.

Narrowing your outlook may seem limiting.  Selecting the best massage treatment niche for you may take some thought, but when you have a group of clients in mind that you work best with you will improve your practice development results.  A client that receives massage on a regular basis has a particular need or problem that they solve with massage.   It may be helping with the demands of professional sport or relieving the stress that comes with a busy lifestyle.

Massage Marketing Tips
Take the Massage Client Niche that your massage skill set solves a problem for and write Quality CONTENT

Knowing what specific problem your clients want to resolve will allow you to focus on the benefit that the massage services of your practice can solve.  Let's say that again, it is crucial to know what the specific problem your client wants to resolve so that you can market to that group of individuals with a massage solution.  If you split your focus on too many types of massage you will dilute your efforts and find yourself waiting for the phone to ring or anyone to use your online schedule. 

Now you will build your website content around the benefits of massage that will solve this group of massage client's well defined target problem.  You will create headlines on your massage therapist website that will grab your client niches attention.  Understanding these very important massage marketing tips will take your practice step by step to your ideal weekly and monthly work load. 

Massage Marketing Tips
Your Website is a Communication Hub for Your Referral Network

Staff Tip posted 12/16/2014

Your website should be an easy way to get in touch with you to schedule an appointment, purchase gift certificates or ask a question.  Your clients must be able to click on your or your staff's schedule and see if they can fit themselves in today or tomorrow.  They are in pain or have a need today!  Real time scheduling is a must have.

You have to have your communication central up and running in order to give each of your massage therapy cheerleaders a place to send new referrals.  Not only should your website be a place for your happy clients to refer others to you, it should be a place where you refer clients to pick up educational materials on topics that are relevant to you and them. 

It should also be a forum where you recommend adjunct therapy to your clients.  These specialized service providers are an important element in your business referral network.  Limit and focus your online referral recommendations to well qualified professionals that you talk about in your therapy room several times a week. 

If you talk about them on a weekly basis then they are the professionals you need to have a reciprocal referral agreement with and give them prime space on your website and within your rich therapy directed content. 

We have said it before, so we will say it again here.  If you are a solo therapist run business. then consider a reciprocal arrangement with one or two massage therapists and give your clients access to them on days when you are booked or under the weather.  The ones that will take you up on this generous offer will pay you back by sending even more people to your website and onto your massage table.  Many will want to wait for you and that's a sweet quality of a loyal client.  If they do happen to find they like the quality of massage they have received from this new opportunity better and switch.  Then there is nothing to worry about in the long run the client exchange rate from our experience tends to balance itself out.  The clients that are best suited for you will find you. 

Massage Marketing Tips
Take your style and massage modalities and techniques and be yourself and  discover your inner Entrepreneur is an SBI Site Build It Web Site and a SBI affiliate marketer.

SBI offers you the opportunity to do just that.  Discover your Inner Entrepreneur and write quality content on your own massage client niche focused website.   Site Build It  (affiliate link) is more than web hosting it will give you what you will need to narrow your practice development marketing efforts.

Massage Marketing Tips
Know Why your Top 20% Are Drawn to You as a Practitioner

Staff Tip Updated 12/14/2014

It can take a new therapist a little time to get comfortable with their top 20%.  That is the 20% of the clients that they see every week or month that really like them and would like them if they had met any where.  We like to work with, work for and receive a massage from people that we, well Like.

Understanding who this group is and just what the connection is will help you fine tune your target massage client niche.  Know thy self.  Turn a gentle but critical eye inward and pay attention to which clients you easily make a connection with.

These connections cannot be forced, but they can be cultivated.  It is vital to always be yourself and allow the nature of your practice to shine through if you have a group of therapists working together at the same office.  Know that the clients you are meant to see on any given day you will see. 

80% of true massage oriented clients, the ones who really love massage as much as you do will be open to seeing other therapists and even though they like your massage, they are not attached to you.  Embrace this idea.  This type of client is exactly who you need to fill up your schedule. 

Do not take their flexibility to heart, be happy to work with an associate or two who can take care of them when you are on vacation or home with the flu.  They will love you for taking care of them by providing them with the massage they need even when you are not available.

Referral marketing is a must.  Make it a part of your daily mindset.  That client that loves you for providing them with a massage even when you're not available is going to be very open to sending their friends and business associates your way.  Offer a discount for referring their connections to you.

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