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Article post 5/22/16

Florian Meier of
Introduces the Tennis Forehand Kinetic Chain

What is a tennis forehand kinetic chain?  Within the human body a kinetic chain is a linkage system in which individual body segments act as links within a chain of motion where the energy generated is transferred from on segment to the next.  When looking at tennis and the forehand stroke the link system starts at the ground and moves upward through the body.

The energetic force that will eventually transfer energy from the wrist to the racket to the ball begins with the leg drive.  Flows through the trunk rotation as the upper extremity is coiled backward to be released with forward momentum as they uncoil.  The energy is transferred from the legs, through the trunk rotation, upper extremity elevation, on to forearm extension, upper extremity internal rotation, then to forearm pronation, leading to hand and wrist flexion as the racket contacts the ball.

Understanding the kinetic chain can help transform the tennis game of any level player.  More importantly analysis of form can help the therapist improve treatment options for those suffering from shoulder, elbow, writs, knee or ankle pain.  Have a client film a short clip of them playing to send to you for analysis before their next treatment session.

If your tennis playing schedule has resulted in a joint pain issue or muscle tendon issue.  Have a friend film you playing before you schedule your next therapy session.  This information provided to your therapist can greatly improve the success of your next session.

Watch the video as Florian Meier provides an explanation of the forehand strokes kinetic chain with a visual demonstration.  Florian of gives a demonstration of the proper motion within the stroke and also gives a demonstration of poor motion mechanics.  Proper timing of the segments, along with specific segmental control leads to maximization of energy in order to generate the greatest racket speed.  

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Online Tennis Instruction brings you this tennis tip on the kinetic chain. Good use of the kinetic chain is the key to great tennis strokes. Most recreational players use only parts of the kinetic chain when they hit the ball. Oftentimes they use the arm and don't involve the lower body.

This tip shows you in detail what the elements of the kinetic chain are and what it should look like when you make good use of it. You can look at a super slow motion side-by-side comparison where you will see the correct and incorrect use of the kinetic chain.

The kinetic chain is the reason tennis players don't need huge muscles to hit the ball hard. If you master the kinetic chain you can generate lots of power with little effort!

Tip for improving tennis game: Use the Kinetic Chain
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