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Upper Arm Muscles
Upper Extremity: Shoulder Girdle, Glenohumeral, Elbow & Wrist Joints

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The upper arm muscles also referred to as the muscles of the upper extremity are the next group of muscles that will be presented for the massage therapy student and active massage therapists brushing up on their muscle vocabulary.  We will again begin our video presentation with Ken Hub's video on the upper arm muscles.  The staff here at Get Massage Smart presents this video selection for its educational value for all individuals wanting to advance their knowledge of the skeletal muscles. 

We extend our thanks to Ken Hub for their superior soft ware and educational tools.  If you are having a time learning your muscles and you want to succeed, we openly recommend that you consider Ken Hub's training applications on Anatomy and Physiology and most especially the Skeleton and Skeletal muscles. Get massage smart is not associated with Ken Hub and does not receive any financial compensation for this recommendation.  Our on going mission is to help all individuals become as impassioned with the benefits of touch as we are and want to pass it on.

The upper arm muscles can be divided into muscles of the ventral or anterior surface of the humerus and muscles of the dorsal or posterior muscles of the humerus.  They will also include muscles that attaché to and move the scapula.  The shoulder girdle is stabilized by its attachment to the torso or trunk via the sternoclavicular joint and the powerful musculature that anchors and moves the scapula. 

A key component of passing any massage licensure examination whether it be the MBLEx or any of the individual state examinations such as Hawaii or Ohio is to have a complete understanding of the structure and function of the skeletal muscles of the human body.  There is much to learn about human anatomy and massage in order to become a licensed massage therapist or practitioner. By far the largest single category will be the skeletal muscles. 

The body has over 600 muscles that allow us to interact with our environment and the world around us.  We recommend that a student of massage or the muscular system spend at a minimum 15 to 20 minutes a day to learn the muscles.  We have included other educational videos from various authors, because we know that every individual learns at their on pace.  We suggest clicking the full screen option when watching the videos.

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Ken Hub Presents Upper Arm Muscles or Muscles of the Upper Extremity: Shoulder Girdle comprised of the Scapula, Humerus & Clavicle

We will begin with Ken Hub's presentations of the Trapezius, Serratus Anterior. Pectoralis Major and follow with their video on the Upper Arm. In between the Ken Hub videos we have added a video by Leslie Samuel from Interactive Biology covering Levator Scapulae, Rhomboideus Major and Rhomboideus Minor.  We begin with the large muscles of the torso and then the deep extrinsic muscles of the shoulder because the all play a role in moving the shoulder girdle.   These presentations are clear and easy to follow.  It can be helpful to watch the videos a few times and then go to the muscle chart of the upper extremity to study origin and insertions.  Get Massage Smart thanks Ken Hub & Interactive Biology for their YouTube video.  Get Massage Smart does not validate the accuracy of this information.  If you are in the beginning stages of study, we suggest a review of our page titled muscle names defined.

Ken Hub Presents
The Trapezius Muscle

Ken Hub Presents
The Serratus Anterior

Leslie Samuel from Interactive Biology Presents
The Deep Extrinsic Shoulder Muscles

Ken Hub Presents
The Pectoral Muscles

Ken Hub Presents
The Upper Arm and Shoulder Blade Muscles

Rotator Cuff:
Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor & Subscapularis
with Leslie Samual from Interactive Biology

Ken Hub Presents
The Infraspinatus

Ken Hub Presents
The Teres Minor

Ken Hub Presents
The Subscapularis

Ken Hub Presents
The Teres Major
This muscles is not a rotator cuff muscle

Ken Hub Presents
The Upper Arm Muscles

Ken Hub continues its lessons on the muscles of the upper arm.  This video looks closely at the Biceps Brachii, Triceps Brachii, Brachialis and Anconeus.  Next we have included detailed Ken Hub videos on the Biceps Brachii, Brachialis, Coracobrachialis and Triceps Brachii.  Again the presentations are very clear and we suggest that you follow up the videos with a few minutes study of the Muscle Chart of the Upper Extremity followed by testing your knowledge at get body smart via the links provided on that page.  Get Massage Smart thanks Ken Hub for this educational YouTube video but does not validate its accuracy. 

Ken Hub Presents
The Deltoid

Ken Hub Presents
The Biceps Brachii

Ken Hub Presents
The Coracobrachialis

Ken Hub Presents
The Triceps Brachii

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