Favorite Weight Loss and Wellness Destination Spas
Our Top Ten Picks for the US

Our First Five Picks

The Copperhood Spa & Retreat is our first choice for this list, because they believe in activities that are designed to change preprogramed eating patterns.  More importantly they have an outstanding personal philosophy of health and wellness backed by over 30 years of experience.  This is not a corporate enterprise and it shows in all the best ways. 

Elizabeth Iwinski is the owner and day to day manager, she comes to the United States from Poland where therapeutic retreats are an every day part of the culture.  Her husband Lech is an amazing chef and provides a wonderful selection of balanced meals, as well as being an amazing out doors men and athlete.  The Copperhoods' staff are well qualified within their various fields and completely dedicated to the personal success of each of the retreats guests.  This facility does not allow guest under 13 and recommends that parents understand that this is a place designed for adults.

This is a facility where personal attention is the focus of each staff member and no personal wishes will ever go unanswered.  This is a place to relax and unwind, last minute requests are often easily accommodated.  Choose from the 14 night get in shape plan or the 21 night break your bad old habits plan or if you only have a week to jump start a weight loss life style change take a look at the 7 night detox and slim down plan.  If you are looking for a well appointed weight loss spa with connections to the past, then this retreat will not disappoint.

On the other hand if you are looking for a modern luxury weight loss center with all the trappings of a distination spa then our next favorite may be what you are looking for.  Our second favorite in this category is The Pritikin Logevity Center & Spa a modern marvel with state of the art weight loss and fitness programs for all ages.  This program has the medical staff and equipment you may expect from a modern medical center while providing the luxury of a world class resort.  The year round Florida weather can not be beat and the people you will meet will warm your heart. 

The programs staff of highly credentialed professionals are as friendly and considerate as they are experienced with safe levels of weight loss and disease prevention.  The really wonderful aspect of this facility is that it has the capabilities of meeting the needs of the really fit with the desire to up their game, while warmly accommodating a wider range of physical fitness and health related concerns.  If a fit vacation is on your mind then take a closer look.

Our next favorite is a specialty program for women only.  It has a wonderful history and ranks high among its guests as a comfortable place to learn and share the experience with like minded individuals.  Green Mountain at Fox Run is a safe, caring and comfortable environment in which to embark on a life changing transformation. 

The program here is designed to facilitate a healthy change of life style without dieting.  The motivational and behavioral workshops are praised by those who have not only completed a visit to the retreat but several and are committed to return again.  The décor is out dated but the facility is clean, emphases is on weight loss, this is not a Spa in the sense of specialty massages, body wraps or manicures and pedicures. 

Fitness activities, healthy meals, and personalized and group attention is the foundation of their program.  This is not a luxury resort spa and is not even really a spa, but is a wellness retreat centered around weight loss goals and changing ones patterns that have not served them.  This program is not for those interested in adventure or extreme workouts and is for women only. 

If the image to the left is what you think you are looking for take a closer look at our first suggestion or keep reading the rest of our favorites.  Our next favorite weight loss and wellness location is Green Valley Spa & Resort and seems to fuse all of the elements of our first three picks into one fabulous resort, retreat, weight loss, and wellness destination spa.  It is important to note that this facility does have specific policies regarding children one should read their policy carefully if traveling with children.  An additional note is that this facility functions as a resort as well as a destination spa and all guests within the facility may not be participating in their wellness or weight loss programs.

A 21 day program is the way to go if your goal is weight loss.  They call their program fast track weight loss and provide a medical exam and daily supervision.  In addition to a supervised program the facility offers classes and workshops as well as guided hikes, make sure you request information on the level of challenge for each of their hikes if you are new to hiking or not from the area. 

Green Valley Spa & Resort also offers a living fit health and wellness, stress recovery and discover the senses programs.  Each of these programs offer a balanced perspective on health and wellness.  The stress recovery program is directed by Dr. Sidney Young and includes two personalized sessions with him, along with workshops, hikes, fitness classes and spa treatments. 

The next on our favorites list is Omni La Costa Resort & Spa especially for the balanced wellness programs offered at the Chopra Center.  This unique wellness center is located on a world class resort property with a luxury spa to meet the needs of its guests.  This selection is or first choice for a wellness, meditation, yoga and health retreat. 

Make sure you click on the Chopra Center in the middle of the page under "You Might Also Like:".  The Chopra Center programs have been designed by holistic physicians Dr. Deepak  Chopra and Dr. David Simon and if you are ready to take your destination spa experience to the next level then this may be just what you have been looking for. 

The Chopra Center offers a wide range of health and healing services and should be contacted directly for detail information.  Our goal at get massage smart is to develop a learning and informational portal for individuals from all walks of life.  Even if a spa vacation with the option for additional classes is your desire take a good look at this facility, it has an amazing staff and superior spa with a wide range of treatments.

Our Next Five Picks

Our sixth favorite is all about the fabulous hiking and supportive weight loss philosophy.  The New Life Hiking Spa has an extended 35 year history with its weight loss retreats.  The beauty of the surrounding mountains in Vermont provide an excellent backdrop for jump starting a life style change and establishing a fitness program.  Their 35 year philosophy is grounded in groups support, natural surroundings, out door exploration and exercise, sensible meals and educational workshops.

The Ranch at Live Oak considers themselves a 7 day low impact boot camp style program. Is has been described as a life changing experience out on the trail.  This program is again all about the out door active individual, the added push is on the structure and intensity of the our door work outs.  It takes the walk and ratchets it up a notch from the New Life Hiking Spa, but is not an in gym intensive boot camp. 

This is not for the extreme fitness fanatic.  The guides feel that their hikes are low impact, but be aware that they do these hikes every week and several times a week.  They will challenge just about everyone who does not hike weekly.  The nutritional food program is as intense as the outdoor fitness schedule.  Be prepared to go without and detox. 

Our next favorite is best known for its 4 week Journey to Wellness Program.  Birdwing Spa is located in central Minnesota and the town of Litchfield is about 6 miles to the northeast.  Birdwing Spa is another treasure of the traditional vacation destination spa genre, with a wonderful history of satisfied individuals and couples.  With well kept rustic accommodations it is important to point out that this destination spa is as appealing as a romantic get away as it is for jump starting a weight loss program. 

The spa offers a king size master suite that includes a fireplace and 2 person Jacuzzi tub tucked away in a genuine red barn!  The spa highlights its all inclusive philosophy with a no tipping policy.  The weight loss Journey to Wellness Program focuses on unwinding from a busy life, developing supportive habits, adding fitness routines that include only activities that the participant really enjoys being involved with and healthy meal choices.

Number eight on our favorite weight loss and destination spa list is a true classic.  Founded in 1925 as the Safety Harbor Resort & Spa situated on 33 acres with a natural spring bubbling underneath.  Hernando Desoto believed in 1539 that he had discovered the true fountain of youth missed by the legendary Ponce De Leon.  Do not let its age fool you this is a lively modern facility with an up to date modern out look on wellness.  The spa offers a Sunday night to Sunday morning Wellness for life package special designed for those looking to have a physician consultation prior to making a dramatic life style change. 

The package is all inclusive and provides amazing accommodations, a full physician consultation, nutritional consultation, personal training, fitness programs, all meals, daily spa treatments and access to all resort amenities. Dr. Torres' wellness for life program focuses on balanced exercise, superior nutrition and genuine relaxation.  All of this is delivered with education on balanced nutrition and physical fitness.  This program has the medical staff and training to support those that may need additional support while safely making a life style change.

The 10th favorite on our list is a modern classic Resort Destination Spa with 35 years of experience.  Born from personal transformation Mel Zuckermen opened the doors of the Tucson Canyon Ranch Resort Destination Spa in December of 1979.  If a luxurious, comprehensive, medically staffed, broad range, educational and all inclusive weight loss program, with an amazing spa is what you have been looking for than this may truly be it. 

Canyon Ranch is dedicated to supporting the individual in achieving their health, wellness and weight loss goals.  A comprehensive physician monitored weight loss program with an endless selection of professionals that are experts in their respective fields.  Take a close look at their web site, but most importantly call and discuss your needs with their professional staff. 

We have added an 11th to our list of favorites the Miraval Life in Balance Spa located in Tucson Arizona.   The access to special programs, guest lecturers and author instructors is one of the main reasons.  The selection of transformational workshops combined with a innovative treatment spa as well as a healthy culinary experience establishes this resort as a traditional destination spa.  Those looking to shed pounds will find education, counsel and support. 

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In Conclusion

It is important to get massage smart that each and every one of our guests take the time to call a destination spa and ask the staff exactly what it is that they have to offer.  Explore other reviews to make sure that the chosen facility meets your personal preferences, goals and needs.  We have provided a very brief over view of 10 weight loss destination spas located in the Unite states.  Our mission is to expand the field of alternative therapies while providing an opportunity for like minded individuals to transform their knowledge and awareness of available educational and wellness options.  Health and Wellness as a style of life!  We Respectfully challenge others to empower themselves.

Get Massage Smart staff article last Update May 17, 2016

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