Favorite Weight Loss and Wellness Destination Spas
Our Top 10 Picks from Around the World

Our First Five Picks

The Chateau Spa & Organic  Wellness Resort  located 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur City Center in Malaysia is our first pick in this category for its classic European design & award winning attention to detail.  If portion control is on your mind then their 7 day body sculpt package may be just right for you.  Attention to detail and to their guests is the focus of the staff, providing individualized weight loss plans and fulfilling personalized requests is no problem for this crew of experienced professionals. 

True luxury spa treatments combined with balanced and healthy meals in a beautiful setting wrapped up within a massive European styled resort facility.  La Santé Spa offers a unique selection of treatments especial designed for men and an equally elaborate section devoted to the needs of women.  This is a multicultural experience with certified nutritional and excellent fitness personal able to combine package and service offerings for a program designed around the guests needs. 

Grail Springs in Ontario Canada is our next favorite for its over all approach to wellness and holistic outlook toward wellbeing. Quite and peacefully surrounded by nature if unplugging form the noise and stress of a busy life is on your agenda then take a closer look.  This is a charming quant small very personalized wellness retreat. 

Founder Madeleine Marentette has dedicated her passion to helping others discover theirs.  Start each morning with Deva Premal - Aud Guray morning mantra.  A very special place for those looking for a spiritual awakening and transformation.

The Rancho La Puerta has an amazing wellness program and the ranch in Tecate Mexico is only an hours drive from San Diego California.  Most of the Rancho La Puerta guest arrive via the San Diego airport, a bus is provided to pickup guest on Saturdays to take them the 3.3 miles over the boarder into Mexico.  Our third choice in this category was selected for its  comprehensive and integrated wellness program for both women and men. 

A wide range of fitness related activities which include Pilates, yoga, cardio & strength training, as well as, tennis, golf, sand volley ball and hiking.  Other group activities include bird watching, hydro-fit, and flexibility classes.  Nutritional counseling and personal trainers provide structure and professional chefs provide exquisite meals as well as educational cooking classes. 

The ranch spa recommends that one starts their week long stay with detoxing and cleansing treatments, then mid week relaxing and restorative treatments and follow up with energizing treatments near the end of the week.  Alternative treatments include chiropractic, acupuncture, craniosacral, Watsu and Ayurveda. 

The Farm at San Benito is the winner of 29 international awards.  The Fix is a 5 day 4 night cleansing holiday program which focuses on eliminating toxic substances from the body.  Follow up the Fix with the Wellness Holiday and enjoy organic foods and a vegan cuisine. 

The spa offers a range of services that include Thai and Hilot massage, as well as Hilod cleanse and Tibetan steam therapy.  The Farm at San Benito is a cross between luxury resort and destination spa.  The programs are well appointed and staffed  but it is important to know that it is as much a luxury resort as it is a healing and wellness destination. 

Our fifth selection is designed around a true retreat concept.  Inner Being Retreats are week long retreats that run form June to October and are specifically designed to teach individuals how to integrate relaxation and meditation into their daily lives.  The back drop of Tuscany Italy does not detract from the work as you will be living the Italian way of life. 

Balanced welling being in a world that over stimulates and stresses the masses is a challenge.  Surround your self with true European and Italian historical charm at the 15th century Palazzi.  The individual accommodation's will have you in the mood to explore.  The retreat schedule provides time for outings to the local villages. 

Our Next Five Picks

Our sixth pick is a true destination spa although they do often have Ocean Resort Vancouver Island hotel guests on property that may not be participating in a scheduled retreat.  Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers was born from a personal story of health and life style transformation.  Designed for both men and women the retreat programs and packages focus on weight-loss and overall health & wellness. 

The center offers all inclusive retreats that can last anywhere from 4 days to 14 days.  This is a traditional destination spa program and offers colon hydrotherapy, coffee colonics, lymphatic massage and other spa treatments.  Detoxing and healthy eating are the main focus.  Educational sessions and fitness classes are all a daily part of each of the program retreats offered.  A scheduled retreat program is all inclusive and includes accommodation, meals & classes.

The next on the list had a change of management in August 2013 and requires a little extra effort on the part of the guest to create their own concept of a destination spa.  The facility is spectacular and the resort has a superior staff running the Spa.  Dhara Dhevi in Chiang Mai Thailand has a fine staff of professionals who are very willing to put together a well rounded wellness program for your stay. 

The Dhevi Spa and Wellness centre has 25 treatment rooms and suites.  The spa staff follow Ayurveda to achieve balance in body, mind and spirit.  A dosha analysis is offered with an Ayurveda specialist who will put together a program for your entire stay.  The resort has a state of the art fitness center were personal training can be arrange and the location offers over 60 acres of property to explore. 

In addition to Ayurveda the Dhevi Spa offers European, North African, and Asian therapies.  You will not be disappointed with the resort as an outstanding vacation destination, with a few wellness package options.  If a real destination spa experience is a goal make sure you spend time communicating with the spa to organize and execute the spa experience you have in mind.

The Longevity Spa Algarve – Portugal is something to consider when you have the time  for 3, 5 or 7 night detox sessions.  This is a great location to make some wonderful memories while taking a dramatic step toward improved health and significant weight loss. 

The program will give you a complete picture of current body composition, supplying the tools to make a real change for the better. The key components of the program are three preventative medicine consultations, and four biophysical evaluations, four nutritional consultations.  In addition to the adjunct medical consultation the program comes with four personal training sessions to establish safe and functional workouts for each individual.

Additional sessions can be purchased for an added fee.  The gym and additional spa facilities are available for use during the course of your stay.   Advanced biomechanical assessments can also be added to the program for and added fee.

Our ninth pick comes with over 21 years of experience performing Ayurvedic treatments and is situated in an enchanted forest within palatial 5 star accommodations you will feel like royalty.  The Parkschlösschen is a grand European destination with a top notch spa.  This program is truly based on Ayurvedic Medicine from top to bottom. 

The Art Nouveau Castle was remodeled with the mindset of creating a space that would allow for the purest practice of the ancient Ayuredic healing practice.  In addition to the quaint countryside the Parkschlösschen offers tennis, hiking trails, bicycle and inline skating paths.  Venture a little farther out and the staff will facilitate a program filled with longer excursions. 

Ayurvedic gourmet cuisine that is certified organic is the mainstay of the program.  All meals are specifically designed to appeal to all the senses.  In addition to balanced Ayurvedic nutritional consultations the program offers cooking workshops for those that want to develop the skill set to carry their new eating habits home with them.

Our tenth and final pick restores the spirit with traditional destination spa fair and an amazing view.  Pirchner Hof Hotel & Farm is a little out dated when it comes to décor, but when it comes to a room with a view it will be hard to beat.  The staff is experienced, qualified and friendly offering a genuine European destination Spa experience. 

 St. Hildegard of Bingen is the center of the philosophy offered through all the spas programs and teachings.  The spas programs are based on nature and naturopathic treatments.  The established treatment schedule allows for packages that range from 3 to 4 days up to week long programs.  Packages can be combined for longer stays. 

A medically supervised fasting week is offered and can be combine with other programs to help provide a deep cleans on witch to begin a revitalizing lifestyle change.  Many of the spa services are included in the room rate.  Creating a destination experience that meets all of your personal requirements can be a reality at the Pichner Hof Hotel & Farm.

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In Conclusiononclusi

It is important to get massage smart that each and every one of our guests take the time to call a destination spa and ask the staff exactly what it is that they have to offer.  Explore other reviews to make sure that the chosen facility meets your personal preferences, goals and needs.  We have provided a very brief over view of 10 weight loss destination spas located all over the World.  Our mission is to expand the field of alternative therapies while providing an opportunity for like minded individuals to transform their knowledge and awareness of available educational and wellness options.  Health and Wellness as a style of life!  We Respectfully challenge others to empower themselves.

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